Sunday, January 10, 2016

Stitch Fix #11 - January 2016 Review - My first maternity fix

You may be wondering where fix #10 is - well, I didn't review it because it arrived the night before we were leaving for the Clemson/FSU game and I was waiting on a size exchange.  I wound up keeping two of the items from that fix.

This was my first maternity fix and I was certainly nervous about what would arrive.  I requested the same stylist, Emily, because she definitely understands my style.  I asked for pieces that show off my bump (I'm 21 weeks pregnant), dresses and skirts, and possibly some that I could wear after baby.  Here's my note from her:
Hi Melanie!  I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed your last Fix!  This month I'm sending you some close fitting maternity pieces to show off your bump along with a few surprises inspired by your Pinterest picks!  Since you're looking for a maternity pencil skirt I thought you'd love the burgundy Cambria Skirt for a bit of texture - pair it with the Bowie Dolman Top (similar to the Aleah one you pinned) for now or switch things up with the Alexana Boatneck Top as your bump grows.  I thought you'd like to try the olive Greta Dress for a look similar to the Catina Dress on your board.  I hope you have a fabulous time trying these pieces on and a wonderful New Year! Enjoy, Emily.  P.S. Any style resolutions for 2016? Let me know!

I'm not going to lie - I peeked at what was coming using the Stitch Fix App and was super nervous about the dress.  The color on the app looked like it would wash me out :(


Margaret M - Cambria Maternity Textured Pencil Skirt - $78

I was excited to get a pencil skirt in my first maternity fix.  This skirt is actually really lovely.  It's a heavy material, has a full belly panel, and a lovely textured print to it.  Right off the bat I thought it was a keeper, but once I rummaged through my closet and drawers I realized I don't really have pieces to pair it with that don't make me look like a frumpy pregnant woman.  Returned.


Laila Jade - Bowie Solid Dolman Sleeve Top - $58

OK I have a confession to make.  I've never tried on/owned a Dolman top and so I pinned one to get in a fix....and I kind of hate it.  I was happy to receive a non-maternity top that would work during and after pregnancy, but this just does not work for me.  First I paired it with jeans to keep it casual like I would for the weekend.  I also took Emily's suggestion and paired it with the Cambria pencil skirt and a belt (to make it a little less frumpy looking).  When I sent it to my husband he asked why there was so much fabric in the armpits -- yeahhh, about that, soooo not my style. Returned.


Madigan - Alexana Boatneck Side Ruched Maternity Knit Top - $58

When I first peeked and saw this shirt I was intrigued, but not for the price.  Ugh! Why are maternity clothes so expensive?!  Also, what is it with maternity clothing companies and stripes?  I mean, I don't mind the stripes but I feel like I own so many maternity shirts that are striped.  The shirt is comfortable and I liked the colors more in person than in the preview, but I couldn't justify another striped maternity shirt for $58. Returned.


Mak - Coffman Button-Up Cardigan - $48

I was very excited for this cardigan when I took a sneak peek.  It's a different shade of blue, a little more vibrant than navy and I was in need of a replacement for my old, navy cardigan.  What I really like about this piece is the crochet detail in the neckline and along the sleeves.  I also like that it's 3/4 sleeve because I sweat a ton and wind up rolling up my sleeves anyway.  This is a great piece to wear with maternity clothes and post maternity.  Kept!


Loveappella - Greta Maternity Dress - $68

I was so nervous about this dress but it's a real winner!  The color was not at all as hideous as I thought it would be.  The material is super soft.  The dress is lined.  The neckline is flattering.  I love the 3/4 sleeves.  What can I say?  I'm in love with this dress.  I paired it with the blue Coffman cardigan, a belt (gotta show off that baby bump), and heels.  I could also wear this with boots and a denim jacket or a puffer vest.  Kept!

Merchandise Total: $310.00
Buy All Discounted Total: $217.50 

My total: $96 -- $68(dress) + $48(cardigan) - $20(styling fee discount)

 If you'd like to try out Stitch Fix -- You can use my referral.  It would certainly be appreciated :)

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