Saturday, September 5, 2015

Stitch fix #8: September 2015 fix

This month I decided to give stitch fix another shot.  I recently lost a lot of weight and dropped two dress sizes so I decided to reward myself with a new box.  It's also back to school and my birthday so it seemed like the perfect time to resubscribe.  I left a note for my stylist that I like fit and flare dresses and to show off my arms, plus I sweat a lot.  I was also looking for pieces that are work appropriate but don't break the bank.  And I let them know that my style inspirations are Jess Day from "New Girl" and Emma Pillsbury from "Glee".

Here was my note from my stylist:
Hi Melanie.  Happy Fix day and congratulations on your weight loss that is so awesome and you should be proud of all your hard work.  I am excited to style your Fix for you today and hope you love some of these pieces as you head back to school.  I saw this C. Luce dress on your Pinterest board (in a different color) so I hope oh love it - you can layer the 41Hawthorn coral cardigan you kept from your Fix last August or any bright fitted cardigan to get that "Jess" look.  These Liverpool jeans are a dark wash which will be perfect for fall and have a long inseam too - try pairing them with the Sweet Grey tank that will really showcase your newly fit arms (and back too if you style it that way) and layer the Laila Jayde cardigan over which is lightweight and flows but also shows your silhouette.  Hope you love it all! 

So here we go...

Liverpool - Collen Straight Leg Jean - $78 size 8
I like the color of the jeans and the fit was amazing.  My husband said my butt looked fantastic in these, but they were a little too long on me, had a funky odor which I can only attribute to the dark wash.  This makes me think the color is going to run like crazy in the washing machine so that made me a bit apprehensive to keep these.  Returned

Hailey 23 - Casey Printed Swing Skirt - $54 size M
I've been asking for a swing skirt for several boxes and finally got one.  Unfortunately the elastic waistband made me feel like it just squeezed my love handles a little too much.  Overall it looks nice with the shirt I paired it with (from Loft) but I don't think I'd feel comfortable wearing this without feeling self conscious of the muffin top. Returned

Laila Jayde - Amicia Open Drape Cardigan - $54 size M
I did not have high hopes for this cardigan.  I like the color but it is soooo not my style.  As a matter of fact, in my style profile I say that I am very much not a fan of "boho" and I'd say this is boho.  I kept referring to the sleeves as my bat wings.  They would drive me nuts in the classroom and don't really offer much in terms of shape.  Returned

Sweet Grey - Ryde Open Back Knit Tank - $48 size M
When I first put this shirt on I thought it might be a keeper and then I realized the open back.  Originally, the way I had it on, the bottom portion was under the top portion and there wasn't actually an opening.  This was just weird to me and I can't see myself actually wearing it.  It was soft and a good length but that's about it.  Returned

C. Luce - Izzy Striped Dress - $68 size M
So I'm not going to lie...I cheated and got a sneak peak of my box and knew I was getting this dress but didn't know what color it would be in.  I pinned it in Mint and, honestly, probably would've kept it if it was in a different color but I have two dresses that look just like this.  The one on the left is from a previous fix, in navy blue, and the one on the right is from JCPenney in black. Returned

Merchandise Total: $302.00
Buy All Discounted Total: $206.50 

My total: $20 styling fee because I sent everything back

I'm not sure if I'm going to schedule another box for next month.  I'm a little disappointed in Stitch Fix -- on a side note I will be going to a wedding in 3 weeks for one of my good friends and his soon-to-be wife works for Stitch Fix so maybe I will have a change of heart when I meet some of the people who work for this company.  Who knows!  If you'd like to try out Stitch Fix -- You can use my referral.  It would certainly be appreciated :)

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