Monday, August 24, 2015

Why our son is part of a social media blackout

When we first learned that I was pregnant Bob and I had the conversation.  No, not that one...the other one.  The one about how we would address our future child appearing on social media.  Social media is great.  I actively participate on Facebook and Instagram.  Bob's big user of Twitter and we both have Untappd and LinkedIn accounts.  But the one thing we knew we would never do was put our future children out in the cyber world.  Now, you can argue that me blogging about pregnancy and life with a toddler is still putting him out there but you'll never see a picture of our little nugget.  There's a hand showing in this picture and a foot showing in that picture but for all you know he's Sloth from The Goonies.
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And we'd like to keep it that way.

Maybe I've seen one too many episodes of Law & Order:SVU or read one too many articles about "Baby Role Playing" where people steal your pictures and pretend your child is theirs.  There are a lot of weirdos out there in the world -- some we run into in real life and some that hang out all day on the internet.  I'd like to keep my little guy as safe as possible.  We also don't know what the future of social media holds.  Will that rant about my toddler -- complete with a photo montage of him breaking ALL of my Crate and Barrel nesting bowls on Facebook still be around in 10+ years?  Will those cute photos of him in the bathtub still be searchable from Instagram when he's applying to college? Who knows -- things could drastically change by then or they could become much much worse and for that we've opted out of spreading his beautiful face around.

But that doesn't mean friends and family both near and far can't catch a glimpse.  When Tripp was born we set up a monthly newsletter through mail chimp.  We'd include his monthly tie-onesie-in-the-rocking-chair picture and a little chalkboard with all of his stats and then a photo dump of all of the things he experienced that month. After his first birthday it honestly became a little too much to keep up with so there hasn't been one since,  but I'm sure I can rally for a yearly newsletter to keep people informed, as long as they want it.

We've made it 19 months without posting his every move on the interwebs and hope to keep up the social media blackout...even though it sometimes kills me to not share with the world his cuteness.

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