Friday, August 28, 2015

Toddler Back to School Friday Faves

Well we're soaking up the last few weeks of summer over here and it's definitely going to be tough for me to go back to school (teaching) and the nugget to go back too (daycare).  Last year I picked up a pack of daycare labels from a company called Name Bubbles.  Let me tell you -- these labels stand up to the dishwasher and washer/dryer.  After a year of use we've only had to replace two labels that came off Tripp's sheets for daycare and those get washed every week.  I love the variety of sizes and how they are completely customizable.

Naturally our little nugget had to get a tiger backpack and the matching lunch box.  We picked up this Stephen Joseph backpack last summer and though it does show some wear and tear it is still in great condition to get knocked around for another school year.  One of the great things about Stephen Joseph is that they have the "Eat - Learn - Play" program where they've partnered up with non-profit organizations to help end childhood hunger.  If you're looking for a lunchbox for your little, I highly recommend purchasing one from Stephen Joseph.

Though Tripp is pretty well versed in drinking from a sippy cup and we are officially a bottle free home, he got to try out these cups from Munchkin while we were visiting my sister.  The Miracle 360 is designed to help kids drink from a regular cup, no straws or nipples involved.  Basically your little nugget has to apply pressure to the lip of the cup and that opens the spout to let liquid's otherwise completely spill proof.  We witnessed this miracle when my son and niece began fighting over the cup and it landed on the floor, upside down and the area remained dry.

When Tripp was first born I went crazy looking at all of these different parenting websites, but one of the things that really stuck with me was NOT wearing a jacket in the car seat.  If you'd like to know more about why your child should not be wearing a big fluffy jacket in their car seat -- The Car Seat Lady does a wonderful job explaining here.  Because Tripp was born in the dead of winter, we didn't really worry too much about going out with him in the car seat.  We just made sure he had long clothes on and put a blanket around him once he was already buckled in.  This was a different story when we spent his first winter at daycare going between the car seat in my car and the car seat in Bob's.  We needed something for him to wear that was thin enough to keep on while buckled up but warm enough to brave the awful winter we had.  Enter the performance fleece jacket from Old Navy. I just picked up this cute olive colored fleece for the upcoming school year -- added bonus, it has a hood!  We also send a thicker jacket that stays at daycare in the event that the kids go out on the playground -- which they do continue doing well into the winter (I think their policy is if it's above 40 degrees out).

And last, the ever so fashionable Crocs.  Personally, I'm anti-crocs as an adult.  I think they're awful looking, but man are they a time saver when it comes to an energetic toddler.  They don't require socks which means no chance he's pulling socks off while out and about.  They're super easy to slip on, even the nugget can do it! Plus if they're good enough for Prince George, they're good enough for my nugget.  Now our little guy was rocking the blue crocs long before the Royal nugget rolled down that grassy hill but I'm happy to see that Kate Middleton approves.

While I am not looking forward to dropping Tripp off at daycare on September 1st, I am looking forward to the massive amount of outlet shopping I will be doing that day in preparation for MY first day back (September 2nd for teachers and 8th for students).  Keep an eye out for my haul - like that great Pink Tartan dress I scored for $60.

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