Friday, August 21, 2015

Teacher Back to School Friday Faves

Last summer I bought my first thirty-one bag.  It was this awesome utility tote but in Navy Wave (which has since been discontinued).  I love that it has outside pockets that are perfect for all of my water bottles and tumblers and the two side mesh pockets are great for storing my room keys and id badge.  They have since upgraded to a zip-top which could only make things even easier.  I love starting off the school year with a new school bag.

My classroom is one of the oldest in the building so we don't have air conditioning.  I normally bring a tervis tumbler for iced beverages at the beginning of the school year or keep things in my mini-fridge in my room, but the Yeti tumbler is a total game changer.  It holds the ice all day AND doesn't sweat!  How awful is it when you accidentally put a stack of papers on top of a wet ring that you left on your desk - gross!  But this eliminates those dreaded sweat rings.

Teaching high school special ed means I spend some classes in "my room" and some classes traveling the building for in-class support.  This coming year I will be in 5 different classrooms on 3 different floors so sometimes I need a quick snack that I can devour in the hall on my way to the furthest room in the building #teacherproblems.  KIND bars are a great energy boost and easy to eat on the they keep well so I just throw them in my desk drawer and grab as needed.

When I was student teaching my cooperative teacher introduced me to the Pentel Mini RSVP.  I use these for grading and keep them on my keychain so that I always have a colored pen handy.  My students also like to try to "borrow" these bad boys because they're all different colors and it's pretty much a guarantee that I always have a pen.

And every teacher's secret weapon, Halls Vitamin C drops.  Another desk drawer staple.  In the winter I get hit with dry mouth and am constantly trying to keep myself from having a coughing attack.  I keep these handy to make life a little bit easier and to keep my lessons going.  Because they aren't like a regular cough drop, they don't contain menthol which was a big no-no while breastfeeding and I didn't feel comfortable using those kinds of cough drops when I just needed something to suck on to keep the saliva going.  I love all of the citrus flavors and love that they also come in sugar-free.

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