Friday, August 14, 2015

#momlife Friday Faves

OK so we all know that when you have a toddler who is constantly "on" you need to have some things in your arsenal to make life easier.  Well these are my go-tos.

If I don't remember to cold brew my own coffee the night before, I like to have this Trader Joe's Cold Brew coffee as a backup.  It's a concentrate so a little goes a long way and you really need to test it out to figure out what the best water/coffee/milk combo is for you.  My husband likes his stronger so he puts much more concentrate in than I would.

On the rare occasions that I blow dry my hair or get a blow-out, I like to keep that bad boy going for as long as possible with Tresemme's volumizing dry shampoo.  It's also great after a run to suck out the gross sweat and make me somewhat presentable again without needing to shower.

Momlife isn't all about mommy -- I like to bribe my son with the Simply Balanced fruit snacks.  One pouch is a full serving of fruit and they taste delicious.  I keep a box in my diaper bag and a couple of pouches in my purse.  If he's being a little terd and I need something to motivate him, these work great and I really don't feel guilty about it.

I just discovered the Dole Dippers this past week and they are a total night time cravings game changer.  They have pineapple, banana, and strawberry.  You keep them in the freezer so they're a cool treat and a nice alternative to ice cream (and healthier too!).  The banana has 4 pieces in it while the pineapple has about 7 so it's the perfect amount to crush your craving without going overboard.

Neutrogena has always been my go-to for face car.  I was blessed with super sensitive, dry skin so I have to use a daily moisturizer.  I like that Neutrogena has an oil-free option with SPF.  It's great to know that I'm offering some protection to my face while combatting the dry, scaly skin that sometimes likes to attack.

If you aren't already using EBATES you are missing out on SO MUCH FREE MONEY!! I have been using ebates for the past 2 years and have earned over $300 just from shopping online.  All you have to do is sign up, get the button, and shop shop shop.  Once a quarter you get sent a check for the money that you earned.  It's free money and it is AWESOME!

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