Tuesday, August 4, 2015

How I wound up on the 21 day fix!

In February I received a Facebook message from someone I worked with in college.  She was a new mom just like me and mentioned that she became a Team Beachbody coach and thought I might benefit from one of their lifestyle programs.  At the time, I declined because I was about to have my wisdom teeth pulled and knew that was not the time to start a workout and diet plan.  However two months later I thought I'd give it a try.

Halloween 2006 (Senior Year)

Now I've always been a yoyo dieter.  When I was a senior in college I weighed 200lbs.  Don't get me wrong, I was happy with the life I was leading at the time but it was full of destructive behavior  that I'm happy I no longer participate in.  When I graduated grad school I joined weight watchers.  I was able to drop down to 180lbs but couldn't maintain my new weight.  I quickly fell back into destructive behavior and packed the pounds back on so I gave up the fight.

2009 -- 2010 -- 2011

Fast forward to getting engaged in 2010 and it was back to the fight to lose.  When we got married in 2011 I was down to 174.  I felt good in my wedding dress but knew it wouldn't last long because I was still depriving myself and never felt full or satisfied.  Then we began trying to get pregnant and I had read that it's easier to lose the baby weight if you start out in good shape so again back to weight watchers.
One month before getting pregnant - Holy fat face!

I was fortunate to not gain too much weight with my little nugget and breast feeding 100% helped me lose a ton of the baby weight.

By the time I gave birth, I was up to 213lbs - nine months later I was back down to 184.  I just continued to eat pretty healthy and seriously, breast feeding helped the weight melt away...so April I started my first round of the 21 day fix and here we are 18 months post baby.

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