Friday, August 7, 2015

Another Fitness Friday Faves

I've already talked about how I wound up on the 21 Day Fix so you know it's true that it works, but you can also buy the essential package on Amazon instead of going through a Beachbody coach.  Now, they're form of marketing would probably flip out on me for saying that because the coaches earn a percentage on packages they sell...but the fact is that the program works!

When I'm out running during the Spring/Fall I like to keep a lightweight zip-up in my car.  Sometimes I just run in a tank, but sometimes it's too cold for that and I need something to keep the chill at bay.  This half-zip pullover from Old Navy is totally affordable, has thumb holes, and is lightweight so you're not bogged down.  I also have a terrible habit of stealing my husband's socks.  He's an Under Armour whore and has gotten me hooked.  I do have a couple of pairs of my own Under Armour socks.  They come up high enough that you don't have to worry about rubbing a blister but are not super thick so you don't have to worry about super sweaty feet...which is a huge problem in our house.

If you were to open the cabinet above our dishwasher, which also oddly houses the dog's food and treats, you'd be ambushed by our stockpile of contigo water bottles.  We own at least 6 of them in all different colors and they are my go-to for hydration.  We love them so much that our toddler has 2 of his own in their mini-me size.  He loves sucking from the straw and you don't have to worry about them spilling.

And last but certainly not least, the Body Glide.  When I first started running on the treadmill I noticed my armpits would chafe.  I thought that was such a bizarre place to get chaffing but man was it painful after a long run.  Part of the problem was not wearing proper workout attire on top -- usually just a cheap ribbed tank top from Old Navy -- but the other part was the way I would swing my arms, rubbing up against my shirt in the armpit area so a co-worker suggested I purchase some Body Glide and man has it been a lifesaver.  I just throw some on like I'm putting on deodorant and away we go.  No more chaffing.  I'd imagine this is also an excellent product to have while wearing a dress or shorts and walking a long distance -- no more chub rub!

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