Saturday, January 3, 2015

Stitch fix review #5... January fix

My January fix wasn't scheduled to arrive until January 8th so you could imagine my surprise when I received my emailing saying "now's your last chance for style notes" immediately (I'm talking less than an hour later) followed by "Your fix has shipped!" on December 31st.  My friend Wendy and I plan our fixes to arrive on the same day so that we can bring them in to school and show each other so this was a little bit of a bummer (we're still on winter break) while also being awesome (an earlier fix!).  This month's stylist was Carrie and here's her note:
Hi Melanie, welcome back!  I picked out some fun pieces that will make great additions to your wardrobe.  I saw the Leighton Boat Neck Knit Shirt on your pinterest.  It would look awesome casually with the Denna Skinny Jean.  I love the Jace Abstract Chevron Print dress for work.  It would look awesome paired with the fun and sophisticated Layla Striped Elbow Patch Detail Cardigan.  I hope to hear back from you soon! xoxo Carrie

I don't think I left a note for my stylist this month.  I had planned on going back right before it shipped but everything happened so quickly and my shipment came a week here's how I made out:

Tart - Leighton Boat Neck Knit Shirt - $58
Kut From The Kloth - Denna Skinny Jean - $58

I absolutely love this shirt.  The neckline is great.  The fit was spot on and the stripes are this really pretty bright blue.  I love how this looks with jeans and can picture myself testing it out with some skirts too.  I wound up taking the tags off and wearing it the same day it came in, for my son's first birthday party.  KEEPER!   As for the jeans, they fit like a glove.  They didn't give me mom jean butt (which I am certainly a victim of because I love me some cheap Old Navy jeans) and my husband said I actually looked sexy in them...but the faded lines that are on the upper thigh area made me not a fan. I am currently undecided on them so we'll see when I bring the clothes in on Monday what Wendy thinks before I officially send them back.

Honey Punch - Layla Striped Elbow Patch Detail Cardigan - $48

I got very excited for this cardigan as I pulled it out of the box but was not entirely thrilled with it on. It looks fine in this picture.  Actually it looks better than fine in this picture and made me go back and forth on whether or not to keep it, but the additional fabric from the cowl neck made me feel kind of frumpy in it.  Normally I like my cardigans to fit tighter, not looser, and if they are loose then I like for them to be belted.  This cardigan was neither.  SENT BACK

41Hawthorn - Jace Abstract Chevron Print Dress - $68

Ok.  First off.  I am a sucker for the color purple.  Secondly, I'm a sucker for chevron.  And the trifecta, it's a sleeveless dress!  Could my stylist have hit the nail on the head any more with this one?!  I paired the dress with a black patent leather belt to match my heels and I've gotta say I think I actually like the dress better with the gray jersey blazer.  I'm very excited to wear this for work (though my husband said it's a little shorter in the back so I need to be careful bending over) but woot woot!!! KEEPER!

41Hawthorn - Georgia Crew Neck Reglan Sweater - $68

I wanted to like this sweater.  I liked that it was a sweater and that's pretty much where the pros ended.  The material was a little itchy.  The fit was a little baggy.  It reminded me more of a sweatshirt, in look not in fabric, and it just didn't seem worth the $68 to me.  SENT BACK

Merchandise Total: $300.00
Buy All Discounted Total: $200.00 

My total: $126 - $20 styling fee - $10 credit = $96

If you'd like to try out Stitch Fix -- You can use my referral.  It would certainly be appreciated :)

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