Friday, November 14, 2014

Picture Day Friday Favorites

This week was Tripp's picture day and man did he look adorable.

He wore the bow tie shirt under the cardigan with dark jeans and the adorable houndstooth sneakers.  Tripp gets a bath every night, but when he wakes up in the morning his hair is just out of control so instead of taking a nighttime bath he got one the morning of pictures.  He looked so handsome and sure enough on their way to school he decided to take a big ol poop in the car.  Bob heard it (and could smell it) so pulled over immediately to salvage the outfit.  Success!  Lately I've really been digging Old Navy's baby clothes so that's where all of these are from.  They're super affordable in addition to being adorable.  Though he didn't wear the buffalo plaid shirt on picture day, Bob paired it with khakis and took his daily photo outside by the pile of wood.  Our little lumberjack!  It was such a festive fall photo.  If you're on our email list, look out for that picture in his 10 month update :)

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