Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A day in the life of this working mama

Time to get up and feed the baby...bright and early
Leaving the house at 6:15am means the neighborhood is still dark and my lovies are inside asleep
6:50am means a pretty decent parking spot and watching the sun rise over the mountains
10:55am just got out of a meeting and finally able to sit down for a snack - taught two straight hours (geometry and algebra 2) followed by scheduling meeting and posteval conference
Necessary evil - 11:30am and I'm using my 30minutes for lunch to pump in the nurse's office.
2:23pm and the school day's over but I need to stick around for extra help *fingers crossed no kids show up*
My favorite part of the day: picking the nugget up from daycare.  I got there at 3:20 but he was still napping so I ran to Target to pick up some things.  Without fail he wakes up 5 minutes after I leave - every time!
Home by 4:15 so time to wash the bottles and pump parts while rocking out to "today's alternative" on pandora with the nugget hanging in his high chair.
After playtime in Tripp's room we took a break to cut his nails with the only distraction that works, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
Not feeling too swift and the hubs is at a beer event tonight so it's soup and crusty bread for dinner - sharing with the nugget of course.

7pm means we start our bedtime routine - tubby time
A little light evening reading with Tripp's favorite book
It's lights out for the nugget and he's officially asleep in his crib by 7:45pm.  I head downstairs just as the hubs gets home for some snuggle time on the couch before passing out at 9:30.

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