Friday, February 28, 2014

Tripp's Weight loss issues (part two)

Fast forward to our meeting with the nurse practitioner and Bean has another weigh-in.  At this point he is just shy of two weeks old and typically that's when babies are back to birthweight - well not our Bean.  He weighs in at 7lbs 2.1 oz and once again we are told we should supplement with formula.  Hearing those words is really getting old at this point.  I let the nurse practitioner know about his nursing strike and how we have been giving him bottles of expressed breastmilk to make sure he is at least getting something and we're having a good amount of wet diapers so we want to avoid formula.  I also let her know that I was meeting later that day with a lactation consultant so she decided to see us again for a weight check 5 days later and we'll see where he's at and take it from there.

So I left the office a bit down in the dumps but had high hopes for my visit with the lactation consultant.  My mother-in-law met me at the front desk of the hospital (she works there so that made this easier) and we went up to the maternity floor to meet with the LC.  After filling her in on where we were with things, I pulled out the boppy and got him set up to feed.  He did an ok job on the one side and we talked through his feeding.  She showed me a better way to get him latched and we tried two different positions.  When it was time to switch sides he just fussed and pulled away so we tried out a nipple shield (in case that was his reason for fussing) and some sugar water (to keep him latched).

The LC was very reassuring and just having her there increased my confidence.  After an hour with her, I changed Bean's diaper and packed him up to head home.  I left feeling better about breastfeeding, knowing that it wasn't something I was doing wrong.

At our weight check Bean came in at a whopping 7lbs 14.1 oz!! He had gained 12oz in 5 days!  All I needed was that confidence boost from the LC and we were back on track.  By his one month check up, Bean had gained 2lbs 9oz from his discharge weight.  He's still a little peanut but he's thankfully starting to fill out and chub up.

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