Thursday, February 27, 2014

Tripp's Weight loss issues (part one)

After our little pee scare at the hospital we thought it would be smooth sailing from there.  Boy were we wrong!  It was time for a nurse shift change and we had to say goodbye to our awesome nurse Amanda.  Our new nurse came in and said she had to take the baby to the nursery to weigh him so off they went. When they got back the nurse seemed concerned.  Apparently, according to our nurse, Bean had already lost 10% of his birthweight and we were going to have to supplement with formula to beef him up. He was born 7lbs. 9.9 oz and had dropped to 7lbs. 0.9oz.

Once again I was devastated.  He seemed to be nursing alright and we passed the pee pee diaper test so how could he have lost so much weight?!  As a first time mom, I had no clue that it was normal for a baby to lose weight in the two days that they're normally in the hospital.  Think about it - they spend nine months hanging out in a watery home and then get smooshed out through a small hole so their initial weight includes some retention from in the womb and being swollen from delivery.  It makes sense that they would lose weight, but the fact that we were at the weight loss threshold was very scary.  Again we were told we would have to supplement with formula.  It felt like the whole world was against me breastfeeding.

Thankfully my wonderful husband went out and talked to the nurse about how we really weren't comfortable formula feeding and how I had pumped the night before and he drank it so there had to be something we could do.  She said she would go back and check his weight to see if it really was 10%.....and it wasn't!!! She freaked us out for no reason.  The next morning our pediatrician came in to give us the green light for discharge and said that, though he did lose a bit of weight, it wasn't enough to be a concern.  Phew!

But the story doesn't end there.

Two days later we took Bean for his first official pediatrician appointment.  The nurse put him on the scale and I held my breath - 7 lbs 4.1oz.  Bean was gaining weight like a champ.  We were so happy to hear everything was going well.  They asked that we set up an appointment for the following week with the nurse practitioner, as they do with all new patients, for an hour long consultation to really go into depth how to care for a newborn.

The next day Bean went on a nursing strike.  He would cry and fuss at the breast and only nurse for a minute or two.  My milk had come in so I was super engorged and decided to pump and just have Bob give him a bottle so we knew he was at least getting something.  This continued off and on for the next week so with my mother in law's encouragement I got in touch with a lactation consultant and set up an appointment.

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