Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Watching the Clock (Birth Story Part 3)

After Tripp was born we made every attempt to get him the nourishment he needed through breastmilk.  The nurses kept saying that his latch was fine and even though it hurt like hell, I felt like I was doing the right thing.  Well after our first night there the nurses put us in a little bit of a panic because Tripp hadn't had another wet diaper.  He had until 11pm to pee, otherwise we would have to supplement with formula.

I was devastated.  I thought he had a good latch?! So how is it that he wasn't eating enough that we would need to supplement?  I was virtually in tears, but thanks to my wonderful husband we came up with a plan.  They only wanted to supplement so they could make sure he was eating and could measure his exact input - so why couldn't I pump to accomplish the same thing?  We got the nurse on board with the plan and in she rolled with the industrial grade pump.

We weren't sure if I would even be able to get anything with the pump but we gave it a go.  First off, pumping was a totally different sensation than actually breastfeeding.  I also happened to remember my friend who was equally endowed in the chest telling me that I may need the next size up in nipple flanges and it seemed she was correct.  Thankfully they happened to also come with the pump. Side note: if you pump at the hospital you get to keep all of the parts which has come in handy because they're compatible with my pump at home.  I was so uncertain if I was doing it correctly and the nurse had left so I sent my friend a picture just to confirm that I was getting what I was supposed to.

It's very discouraging to see how little you make in the beginning but I produced a normal amount and Bob fed it to the Bean and he drank it then we sat and waited watching the clock.  Finally with 10 minutes to spare we had a wet diaper!  I called up our nurse Amanda to tell her the good news and she came down to our room to confirm that we were in the clear.

I have to say, she was the best nurse that we had during recovery and we were so grateful that she was willing to work with us to avoid supplementing with formula.

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