Monday, February 10, 2014

Things I wish I knew before delivering

So I delivered at Hackensack and these were a couple of things that I was clueless about:
1) you can only have ice while you're in labor - I brought Gatorade and a water bottle with me and wasn't allowed either until I was on my way up to the recovery room so I asked for two cups of ice and let them melt so I could drink them

2) bring pacifiers - I didn't because I wanted to breastfeed and didn't want nipple confusion and figured that if he needed one they could provide it.  The second night there he was using me as a pacifier and I was in so much pain from it so I asked the nurses for one and was told that they no longer do that. I frantically called my parents at 9pm to go to our house and get all of the pacifiers out of the cabinet and bob sterilized them at the hospital

3) bring your car seat up ahead of time and practice putting the baby in it - this way the straps are all set for when you are discharged

4) keep everything in the car except what you need for labor - while I was getting the epidural bob went to get all of our stuff out of the car and then after delivery he had to lug everything to the next room and we lost my bag that had my brush and nursing bra and makeup in the transit

5) bring healthy snacks and order as much food as they will let you - I could only order food for myself so I ordered a salad, entree, side, dessert and drink every time so bob could pick at it in addition to the snacks we brought

6) we were told we had to pay for tv but never filled anything out or got billed but we mainly watched basic cable channels so maybe that's why it wasn't an issue.

7) take everything that isn't nailed down - your insurance is paying for it anyway so everytime there's a shift change, ask them to refresh your diapers/mesh underwear/ice packs/tucks

8) getting the iv put in hurt way more than the epidural did

9) you do not have to poop in front of a nurse in order to leave but you will have to pee in front of them at least twice so they can measure your liquid output

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