Wednesday, January 8, 2014

To mini crib or not to mini crib, that was the question

Part of the problem when imagining Bean's nursery was the fact that it was really our office and a rather small room.  When we first bought the house, what is now Bean's nursery was staged as a bedroom with green plaid wallpaper and a twin sized bed.  The whole room is only about 10' x 10'.

It's not a very big room, but we didn't want to lose the guest room and let's be real here...babies are tiny and really don't need a giant room...Bean's not going to need a bigger room until he's a teenager and by then who knows if we'll still be in this house or if we made a big renovation by then.  The big problem that we faced was that the crib that we originally wanted 

was 57 inches wide and there would only be one place to put it which meant not having room for very much other furniture.
I know the picture doesn't make it look like it takes up that much space, but trust me -- it would've been the only piece of furniture in the I took to the web and did some research on mini-cribs.  A typical mini-crib is only 40 inches long which meant we would be able to put it in several different locations and get the two other pieces from Ikea that we were eyeing (the Hemnes 3-drawer dresser and the Hemnes tall 5-drawer dresser).  After researching mini-cribs for what seemed like ever, we decided to take a shot with it.  Unlike a standard sized crib, a mini-crib converts to a twin (vs. a full) and, realistically, that's all that room would be able to handle anyway.  Almost every website/review I read about the mini-crib said that the family kept their child in it until about 2 years old and then converted them to a twin with rails.  This seemed feasible and like a good idea.  All signs pointed to the mini-crib being our we went with it.  I'm sure I will update when Bean is here and in his crib and again when he has grown out of it and it's time to convert (though by then, maybe baby #2 will be brewing).

Another big dilemma we had was that I really wanted the two dressers from Ikea along with a nightstand and rocker to go in the room.  Well, my parents decided their gift to us for the Bean would be his bedroom furniture (aside from the crib) and when they went to Ikea they made the executive decision that all of the pieces we wanted would NOT fit in that room.  When my mother told me that, I was so pissed off.  What do you mean they wouldn't fit?  I plugged everything into the little room planner and the picture looks like it would be fine!  How dare you!! (I was on a pregnant lady rampage that day).
See?  Everything would've fit just fine!  Roar!!
Well, it's a good thing they didn't get us the tall dresser and only got the 3 drawer and the nightstand because once the husband put together the crib and the 3drawer dresser (which would also be used as our changing table) it became quite obvious that pictures are deceiving and there would be no room for another dresser in there.
We also were pretty set on having the crib right when you open the door and the changing table on the wall by itself.  Once we moved things into position, Bob's concern was "Where does the diaper pail go?"  We couldn't trek the stinky poopy diapers from one side of the room to the other and there definitely wasn't any room near the dresser/changing table to put the we rearranged.  Overall, looking back on the great furniture dilemma of 2013 -- I'm glad my parents intervened and we went with fewer pieces because Bean's room looks awesome!

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