Sunday, January 5, 2014

Bean's Nursery

Now that Bean's nursery is officially done, I figured I would write a post about where everything came from.

Top Left: 
  1. Storkcraft Tuscany Glider - from Babies R Us and man was this thing a pain in the ass to order but I'll write more about that later
  2. Hemnes Nightstand - from Ikea
  3. Light Years Orange Table Lamp and White Base - from Land of Nod
  4. Curtains - custom made with fabric from
  5. Zigzag Rug - from Urban Outfitters
  6. Gentleman Rules Print - inspiration from Etsy but Bob made this one to match the nursery
  7. Hanging Around Lamp in Orange - from Land of Nod (on a side note, our lamp had a tear in the fabric when it arrived and LoN has been FANTASTIC about replacing it and sending us a new one)
Top Right:
  1. Hemnes Three Drawer Chest - from Ikea
  2. Serta Changing Pad - from Babies R Us
  3. Orange Changer Pad Cover - from Land of Nod
  4. Ubbi Grey Stainless Steel Diaper Pail - from Babies R Us
  5. Number Print - Bob made this based on the inspiration picture
  6. Alphabet Print - another piece that Bob made based on inspiration from Etsy
Bottom Left:
  1. Expedit Shelving Unit - from Ikea
  2. Cloud B Sleep Sheep - from Babies R Us
  3. Sophie the Giraffe Teether - from Babies R Us
  4. Various toys and books - acquired from my baby shower and coworkers
  5. I Think I Canvas Grey Wide Drawer - from Land of Nod
  6. I Think I Canvas Orange Wide Drawer - from Land of Nod
  7. Vicks Starry Night Cool Mist Humidifier - from Babies R Us
Bottom Right:
  1. DaVinci Annabelle Mini Crib - from Target (we didn't want the crib to take up the entire room so we decided to give a mini crib a shot)
  2. DaVinci Sleepwell Crescent Mini Crib Waterproof 50-coil Mattress - from Target
  3. Solid Antique White Mini Crib Sheets (5"-6" depth) - from (we bought 3 sets)
  4. Solid Orange Mini Crib Skirt - from
  5. Orange, Grey, and White Blanket - crocheted by Bob's grandma (even though she was very against putting those colors together -- it was a surprise for my shower)
  6. Kids Wall Art Tiger Print - from Etsy (a Christmas present from my sister in law)

So there you have it!  The nursery is finally done and we are certainly ready for Bean to make his arrival.

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