Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A day in the life

I1:35am - bean is softly crying down the hall which means it's time to eat - change his diaper and start feeding
2:11am - finish feeding, swaddle the bean and head downstairs to grab pump parts
2:21-2:31am - pump 2oz while reading wolf of Wall Street - head downstairs to rinse parts, label bottle, climb back into bed
3:14am - bean starts crying again - how can he still be hungry?!? Reswaddle, pacifier, climb back into bed
3:35am - still crying - ok fine!! Let's get this kid fed
3:44-4:08am - nom nom time, reswaddle, climb back into bed
4:20am - and we're crying again - change diaper, reswaddle, cuddle in rocker until he falls back to sleep
4:40am - finally back to bed for this mama
6:05am - and we are right back at it - change the wet diaper and get the kid some boob
6:40am - attempt one more round of sleep
7:05am - here we go again - this time I wake bob up and ask him to check on the bean
7:20am - I realize there's a screaming baby and my husband is in the shower - back down to bean's room to see if I can comfort him.  I lay him on my chest and hold him nice and close while climbing back under the covers - we both fall back asleep
8:10am - bean's belly buzzer is going off so we get a fresh diaper on and it's time to eat 
8:53am - done eating and a fresh clean diaper on - dressed and ready to go for the day - now it's mommy's turn to get clean
9:16am - emerge from the shower feeling like a brand new person until I realize Bean is crying away in his crib - quickly get dressed and see what's up - give him the pacifier and head down to the basement to start his laundry
9:40am - grab a Special K bar and Gatorade - back upstairs to tend to a fussy Bean
9:55 - knowing we have a dr appointment at 11, nurse bean so he isn't fussy at the dr
10:25 - change diaper and get ready to head to the dr
11:00 - 11:45 - visit with Dr Shah - Bean is back to gaining weight!! He's up to 7lbs 14.1oz and the dr is very happy with how he is progressing - Stop at Starbucks on way home to reward myself for his nonstop feedings
12:00pm - throw frozen pizza slices in the oven and prep dinner in the crockpot while Bean is still asleep in car seat 
12:20pm - Bean starts fussing but I take this opportunity to switch his laundry over  - too much to do today to stop the momentum
12:30pm - attempt to eat lunch while Bean is STILL sleeping (this is unheard of)
12:33 - I spoke too soon
12:40 - and he's back asleep
1:15 - it was only a matter of time before he shot himself in the face while getting his diaper changed
1:40 - done with feeding and away we go to fold the Bean laundry and try for a nap though this is the time of day that he likes being awake for a little while
1:55 - mommy decided she wanted some snuggle time instead
4:15pm - woot!  Bean got a good nap in even though I was not able to fall asleep.  Finished Bean's laundry and caught up on last night's Blacklist and The Following - now time for a diaper change and another feeding
5:10pm - and we are done feeding - time to figure out what else to make with dinner and see if I can put him in his crib long enough to pee (yes this is the first time I am peeing since I got dressed this morning)
6:15pm - Bean really doesn't want a nap or anything so that means lots of rocking in my arms
6:40pm - Bean managed to pee through the side if his diaper so it's time for a wardrobe change and clean diaper and let's throw a feeding in there while we're at it
7:15pm - can finally sit down and eat dinner followed by some much needed husband/wife couch cuddling.  We hadn't done that since my water broke...and I finally fell asleep for a nap
9:30pm - Bean starts fussing for food
10:07pm - beans first stretch of nighttime sleeps 
11:43 - haha yea that didn't happen - off and on cries until I finally caved and asked bob to give him a bottle (of breast milk)

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