Thursday, June 27, 2013

And then there were three...

3w3d: POAS and it came back PREGNANT!  Happy Cinco de Mayo to me!
3w5d: Still PREGNANT - I decided I would test every two days to not completely freak out over results.  I'm still not sure how we were able to get pregnant this cycle when we didn't have sex the day before or on the day of ovulation...but we did the days after so maybe that means it's a girl!

4w0d: Still PREGNANT!
4w3d:  Tomorrow I will call to get an appointment at Heights Medical for a blood test to confirm.  Bob knows and so does Wendy.  I think I may have told her before I sent the picture to Bob.
4w5d: Positive blood test!  I think the secretary said my Beta # was 3343 but I could be wrong -- it may have been 33.3.

5w0d: Called Prospect Women's to make my first OB appointment.  We're scheduled for 5/30 and man that can't come soon enough.
5w1d:  We went to dinner with Greg and Christina to El Bandido.  I got sick when we got home....I thought morning sickness was supposed to happen in the morning.

6w1d:  We went to the Finger Lakes with Hilary and Mark and Kate and James.  I was feeling pretty sick on the car ride up and decided to tell everyone when we got to the house.  It feels good to have other people know but it would've been too hard to keep it a secret this weekend when we planned on wine tasting.  I'm ok with not getting to partake because I've been to all of the vineyards before.
6w3d:  And here comes the morning sickness...Thankfully we're still on vacation and everyone else was asleep when I woke up and got sick.
6w4d:  Yuck!  Getting sick before leaving for work is SOOOOO gross!
6w5d:  Is this going to happen every single day?  Pregnant puking is so different from all other types of vomit.  Clear, earwax tasting.  I gag a bunch of times before it actually comes up.  Your whole body just feels like retching.  So gross.

7w0d:  Our first OB appointment.  I ran into Romina's sister while there and immediately received a text from Romy about it and asking if I was pregnant.  "Nope, just my routine pap" We haven't even told our parents yet so this is staying a secret for a little longer.  The nurse called over to Heights Medical so they could fax my bloodwork.  Thank god for that because it meant not having to have another draw today and because I'm a little higher risk Michelle was able to get me in for an ultrasound.  What an incredible feeling getting to see the little bean on the screen and the flickering of the heartbeat. I cried.  I'm just so happy to have made it this far finally.  Fingers crossed for a healthy nine months!  I sent Janine and Wendy my ultrasound picture on my way home.
7w1d:  Janine made me a cookie cake to celebrate and Wendy gave me a big bag of pregnancy goodies including ice pops, saltines, jolly ranchers, and a week by week pregnancy book.
7w2d:  We told Bob's parents/siblings today.  They're all very excited.  It was nice to be able to show them my ultrasound picture.  Makes it more real.
7w3d:  Another bout of morning sickness.  This is so gross.  Kate's graduation was today and I got up twice to go to the bathroom -- ugh!
7w4d:  On today's food shopping list: cheddar cheese goldfish, ellios pizza, bagels, cream cheese.  I got home and ate two ellios pizzas.  I guess the cravings have begun?  We told my parents tonight and they are VERY excited.
7w6d: Someone burnt something in the microwave at work today.  Thank god Wendy was on her prep and had the key to the nurse's office.  She was able to watch my class while I ran nextdoor to get sick.  Getting sick at work is like a new all time low for me.  Time to bust out the ginger ale and crackers.

8w0d:  I cracked and bought a fetal home doppler, but the cheap one - $28.  I know that at 8 weeks it's unlikely that I'll hear anything but it would be nice to not freak out.
8w2d: Doppler arrived and I can't hear a damn thing -- yep just as I expected.
8w3d:  Figured I would try again and I found it!!!!!  Bob got home just in time and I made him listen too!  It seems to be about 176bpm!! Our little bean's heartbeat is beating away!!
8w4d: and there's the morning sickness again.  GROSS!! Isn't this over yet?

9w0d: More morning sickness.  Today I really wanted a greek gyro for dinner.  BAD IDEA! I thought I was dying.  My stomach hurt so bad and I laid down on the cold tile floor in the bathroom to try to stop sweating.  No more greek gyros for me.  Bean was not happy.
9w1d: Again, more of the same.

10weeks:  Morning sickness seems to be subsiding.  No more puking but I still have nausea and gas and my boobs are KILLING ME!  This week I'm craving honey mustard.  I want it on everything -- salad, chicken fingers, dipping my fries in it.  LOVE!

11weeks:  Today we had another appointment with Dr. Levat.  They took my blood pressure, asked the usual questions, took about 8 viles of blood and I had to pee in a cup.  The highlight of the appointment was getting to listen to bean's heartbeat.  Everything sounded right on track.  Dr. Levat may be changing my due date so we didn't get to schedule next week's NT scan and bloodwork but I will be getting a phone call tomorrow to make that appointment and my 16 week appointment.  Exciting business.  Almost out of the first trimester and into the clear!
11w1d: I thought I was out of the morning sickness phase but man was I wrong.  This morning was hands down the worst morning sickness I have had to date.  I got sick before hopping in the shower.  I got sick while sitting on the couch watching the morning news.  I got sick trying to make breakfast in the kitchen.  It has never been this bad but man does it suck!
11w2d: Feeling a little bit better today but we'll see how long this lasts.
11w4d: And the headaches are back.  Bob and I went to the dentist today and man did my gums bleed during the cleaning.  It's a symptom of pregnancy but the dentist was a little nervous and wants me to come back in 3 months to monitor my mouth.  Apparently pregnancy can bring on gingivitis in addition to bleeding and swollen fun!?!  In other news, my NT scan is scheduled for Monday and we scheduled my 16 week scan.  The hygienist said I didn't look pregnant.  I'm kind of looking forward to officially having a bump.  Right now it's just bloatyness and I'm sure people play that fat or pregnant game when you look at me.
11w5d:  More morning sickness.  Today was extra gross as I didn't make it to the bathroom in time.  I've also gotten into the habit of napping every day...partly to relieve my headaches and partly because I'm just soooo exhausted.  Two more days until we tell everyone that we're pregnant and next week after the NT scan we'll probably announce on facebook...that's so weird to me but the easiest way to get the word out.  I was able to record bean's heartbeat on the doppler today.  So exciting...about 150bpm.  According to the old wive's tale -- it's a girl! (if it's >140 it's girl)

12w0d:  Today we announced to most of Bob's extended family and friends that we're expecting.  It's the 4th of July and Bob's family has a HUGE party (like 50 people and a very competitive baseball game and A LOT of alcohol) so as people arrived they were writing their names on their solo cups to keep for the day and I wrote "Drinking for Two" and "Baby's first drink" and "Baby Olson coming January".  Obviously I was just drinking seltzer or water but it was fun to watch people's reactions as it registered what that meant.  It feels good to have more people know but it's still scary in the event that something happens that I now have a lot of people to tell.
12w1d: After telling everyone yesterday, I decided that when I wake up I'll check the doppler to make sure baby's heart is still going strong and it is.  Everything is still moving and grooving which is a great sigh of relief.  Three more days until my NT scan...EEP!
12w4d: NT scan went really well.  It's incredible what you can see on the ultrasound.  We got to see bean's brain! that part was really crazy.  Bean is upside down right now (or does that mean right side up?) but our NT scan came back with good results.  Bean's measuring a week ahead so the hospital put me down as January 9th for EDD.

16w0d: Kind of uneventful past couple of weeks.  I'm still getting sick about three times a week but it seems to be slowing down.  We had another OB appointment today and our risk levels came back good so I'm not worried about DS or Trisomy 18.  Bob came with me and was a little disappointed that we didn't get to see bean, just listen to the heartbeat.

17w0d: One of my old bosses just had her second kid and offered up her maternity clothes.  I definitely feel like I hit the jackpot.  She and I are almost the exact same size so I have a good amount of maternity clothes to get me started now.
17w3d: Started wearing maternity's weird but feels good to not have my jeans digging into my belly.

18w1d:  We made it facebook official!

19w2d:  I think I felt bean move for the first time!!! So exciting.  It feels like bubbles popping in my belly.  I can even feel it if I put my hand on the outside of my belly.  I'm so excited for Bob to get to feel it!

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