Friday, February 17, 2012

Party Time!

This is one of my favorite pictures from the whole night.

The parents looking on as we started our first dance.

Bob and I danced to Ben Folds "The Luckiest".  He and I used to take dance lessons with another couple and so we called up our dance instructor and he came over for a private lesson right before the wedding so we knew exactly what style to use for our song.

Hamming it up, of course!
Dad and I chose to dance to a different kind of song.  I'm hoping to have the video of it up soon.
We danced to The Talking Heads "Road to Nowhere".  The song starts out slow and then gets nice and fast so we did a modified swing dance, since my dad has bad knees.  He made it through the dance but had to go to the doctors when he got home from our wedding because he destroyed his knees :(

For the longest time, Bob's mom claimed that when he was little he heard a song and told his mom that that's what they would dance to at his wedding.  For months she wouldn't tell him what the song was and he started to really stress out about it.  

As we were getting ready to cut the cake, our attendant asked us if we were going to smush it in each other's faces.  We told him that we decided against us and he shared with us his story from his own wedding.

Instead of smashing cake into his beloved's face, they nailed their maid of honor and best we took a page from their book.

Of course Heather's speech made me cry.  Isn't that their purpose?
And Todd's best man speech was funny but tasteful.

Because it was a beer themed wedding, Bob and I toasted using the 2011 Infinium, a champagney beer from Sam Adams.  Big thanks to our friend, writer and beer blogger, John Holl for the advanced bottle of Infinium.  What's that?  The 2011 hadn't been released yet for our wedding...yea, I know.

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