Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Get down with your bad self!

As I've mentioned, Bob and I had a beer themed wedding.  We knew that we wanted to incorporate hops into the boutonnieres and bouquets so we pitched the idea to our florist and she was certain she could get them.  Just in case, Bob made sure this year's crop of hops were growing nicely in our yard, in the event that we needed them.

Well, we needed them.  The week before our wedding Bob placed a call to our florist before cutting down the hops to use in his beer.  She completely forgot to call to tell us that she couldn't get them from her supplier for our wedding flowers....so two days before our wedding, Bob cut them down, boxed them up, and I drove them out to Allentown to be used like we wanted.  It was neat to say that they were OUR hops fresh from our garden.
Bob brewed three different beers for our wedding: a stout, a honey-hibiscus wit, and his signature IPA.  Because they're so delicious, we knew we had to remind the guests to only take one bottle.  We brought extras but really wanted to keep it to one per guest (though I later found out my grandma took 3).

Putting the labels on the bottles was my job the day before the wedding...nothing like working until the last minute.
Keeping with the beer theme, we gave each table the name of one of our favorite microbreweries. 
 Each escort card had the matching bottle cap.
Just so there was no confusion, we mapped out the room for our guests with the corresponding bottle cap on their table.  This way you knew the general area of your table and could find your seat more easily.
We were originally going to make a coffee table book with write ups of our favorite beers/breweries but it became too much work.  One day when I was perusing the usual wedding blogs I saw a coupon for 50% off a thumbprint guestbook.  With this company, you send a picture of the two of you and choose your colors.  They use your photo to create a caricature.  We had the photo matted with the intent of signatures going there and thumbprints lining the tree...as you can see, that didn't happen.  This picture is currently hanging in our dining room.
I knew I wanted to make something to decorate our cake table and found a wooden cutout of a man and a woman and the I Do letters.  I made our characters like like us to the best of my ability, knowing how I would wear my hair and what color Bob's bow tie would be.
We wanted a simple design for our cake and knew we wanted fresh flowers on the top.  Our baker used a coppery ribbon to help tie the colors all together.  We went with a vanilla cake with mocha hazelnut ganache with little pieces of hazelnut in it and butter cream frosting.  It was so delicious and I'm looking forward to our anniversary to eat the top.

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