Sunday, January 29, 2012

Formal Pictures and The Big Send Off

On the big day we only buffered in 20 minutes for formal pictures because we didn't want our guests waiting forever for us to exit the chapel.  We had a strict list and a game plan to get everyone in and out.

We left Scotty and Bryda in charge of getting the grandma's pictures done first and scooting them out of the chapel because they required assistance.

Both families together because we really are one big happy family :)
The only thing that put a damper on our wedding parade was the heat.  The chapel is not equipped with air conditioning and it turned out to be a pretty hot day.  This was the main reason for making programs that also working as fans for our guests.  Thankfully, there were fans up on the altar pointed at us so we stayed pretty cool for the ceremony...but here we look sweaty.

This progression is one of my favorite sets of pictures.  We opted to do a bubble send-off and purchased our bubbles on sale from Michaels right after we got engaged.  It was $10 for 100 bubbles and we had 116 guests at our wedding so it worked out nicely because some people weren't able to come to the chapel.

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