Saturday, November 5, 2011

Recap: Part 1

Well, last you all heard I had a nasty little bite under my left eye thanks to my parents' dog.  It was the Wednesday before our wedding that I got my stitches out and the go-ahead to put makeup on the wound and man was I super excited by how beautiful the stitching was.  I cannot thank Dr. Harris Sterman enough for the amazing job he did.  Here we are 3 months later and you can barely tell that I have a scar across my cheek (also, big props to Maderma).

Thursday morning Bob and I woke up bright and early to finish packing for our honeymoon, load the car, and pick up my dress!  We were both very excited for the big day to be so close but I feel like those two days went by so fast.  As of 11am Thursday morning it was scheduled to rain all day on my wedding day....big time womp womp when we had planned to take our formal pictures in the rose garden near school.  But have no fear, mama O packed her Mary statue because all you have to do is put Mary in the window and she'll keep that nasty storm away....find out if it worked, next time :)

We got to Allentown, PA a little after 1pm and dropped off all of our decorations for the reception to Jeff, our coordinator at Brew Works.  It was so crazy to think that we were only 24 hours away from officially being a Mr. and Mrs.  We looped back around to the hotel and checked in.  For the night before the wedding, Bob would be staying in the room with his two sisters and I would be staying in our suite with my sister.  We unpacked our stuff and headed back to Brew Works to pick up some lunch with some of Bob's college friends who had just landed in PA.  They were all pleasantly surprised by how delicious Brew Works' menu was and that just made them even more excited for our reception.

After quickly changing for the rehearsal dinner, we headed to the chapel to practice for the real deal.

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