Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Putting on the most expensive dress I'll ever wear.

As a bridesmaid gift I got each of the girls a custom hanger with their name in script made from the wire.

Bobby and I spent so much time on our welcome bags and were very disappointed to find out that the hotel didn't hand out half of them and their staff ate the homemade cookies out of the bags.  BUT we did have these adorable game booklets in each bag with crossword puzzles about us, a word find, a word scramble and a maze.  We gave each of the guests a little packet with our wedding color crayons so they could work out the puzzles.

 Me and my bridesmaids (Heather - my sister and matron of honor, Kate - Bobby's youngest sister, and Lizzie - Bobby's younger sister).

 I had seen pictures like this as inspiration and knew it had to be done!
The makeup artist did such a fantastic job.  You can't even see my scar!

If I had to give any upcoming brides a tip it would be this: eat before you get dressed.  Order room service to where you're getting ready and wrap yourself in a towel.  It was worthwhile for us to have some chicken fingers and turkey clubs while we waited for the boys to be done with their pictures and it was a pleasant snack when Bobby and I went back to the suite after the day was over.

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