Sunday, November 27, 2011

And so it begins

We left the hotel early to get to the hair salon to get beautified.  Bobby and I decided not to see each other until our big reveal so it was quite the game to make sure that we wouldn't run into each other in the hotel lobby.  The girls piled into two cars and we headed out to Richard Kroll Salon.  Because I had my test run earlier in the week, they knew that I was going to take the longest so I went in for a wash and they set me in curlers.  As I was sitting under the dryer our photographers showed up so these are just a handful of the beautiful pictures from getting ready.

I felt like a Texas beauty queen but it was exactly what I wanted and I got so many compliments on my hair all night.
Mama O stopped to take some pictures while we were getting ready.
I got the girls these hangers as a bridesmaid gift.
My sister popped the champagne while we were getting ready at the salon...nothing wrong with a little booze before noon.

Kate and Elizabeth were busy being silly.
And there she hangs...waiting for us to get back from the salon.

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