Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Big Reveal

Bobby and I decided to do a reveal instead of waiting to take our pictures until after the chapel and I think it worked out quite nicely.  He got in the first limo with one photographer and headed to the rose garden as I came down to the lobby.  Then I got in the second limo with the other photographer to meet up with him for the big reveal.
My photographer took a bunch of pictures as I thought about what was to come for the day.
It was funny having my own little photo shoot and great to have some time to myself before the chaos.
Bobby also had some time to think about what was about to happen.
It was funny sneaking up on him at the park.  What's even funnier is that there was a group of people taking their own wedding photos on the other side of this tree and our photographer yelled at them to get out of the shot but they didn't seem to understand....finally she's like "this is the first time they're seeing each other...MOVE!"
If you're toying with the idea of seeing each other before the wedding, I totally recommend it.  It was great to have this time together before everything began and even though we were having our picture taken, it really felt like it was just the two of us.

The other wonderful advantage to us taking our pictures early was that we were able to finish before the rain began...but more on that later.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Putting on the most expensive dress I'll ever wear.

As a bridesmaid gift I got each of the girls a custom hanger with their name in script made from the wire.

Bobby and I spent so much time on our welcome bags and were very disappointed to find out that the hotel didn't hand out half of them and their staff ate the homemade cookies out of the bags.  BUT we did have these adorable game booklets in each bag with crossword puzzles about us, a word find, a word scramble and a maze.  We gave each of the guests a little packet with our wedding color crayons so they could work out the puzzles.

 Me and my bridesmaids (Heather - my sister and matron of honor, Kate - Bobby's youngest sister, and Lizzie - Bobby's younger sister).

 I had seen pictures like this as inspiration and knew it had to be done!
The makeup artist did such a fantastic job.  You can't even see my scar!

If I had to give any upcoming brides a tip it would be this: eat before you get dressed.  Order room service to where you're getting ready and wrap yourself in a towel.  It was worthwhile for us to have some chicken fingers and turkey clubs while we waited for the boys to be done with their pictures and it was a pleasant snack when Bobby and I went back to the suite after the day was over.

Monday, November 28, 2011

and the men have their fun

While we were busy getting beautified, the menfolk went to the casino.  Our priest won big at the tables and the guys came back to the hotel to get ready.

 Our rings.
 The p-dukes.
  Bobby pinning my dad's boutonniere.
 Bobby pinning his dad.
 Bobby and his groomsmen (Kevin, Todd - the best man, and Dave).
 While the girls got ready, the boys went over to the venue to take pictures with the tanks at the brewery.

Mary in the window.
 Mama O pinning Bobby's boutonniere.
All week there were reports that it would rain all day on our wedding so Mama O whipped out the Mary statue.  According to Mama O, putting Mary in the window will keep the rain away and it worked! Well...sort'll get to hear more about that in the next post.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

And so it begins

We left the hotel early to get to the hair salon to get beautified.  Bobby and I decided not to see each other until our big reveal so it was quite the game to make sure that we wouldn't run into each other in the hotel lobby.  The girls piled into two cars and we headed out to Richard Kroll Salon.  Because I had my test run earlier in the week, they knew that I was going to take the longest so I went in for a wash and they set me in curlers.  As I was sitting under the dryer our photographers showed up so these are just a handful of the beautiful pictures from getting ready.

I felt like a Texas beauty queen but it was exactly what I wanted and I got so many compliments on my hair all night.
Mama O stopped to take some pictures while we were getting ready.
I got the girls these hangers as a bridesmaid gift.
My sister popped the champagne while we were getting ready at the salon...nothing wrong with a little booze before noon.

Kate and Elizabeth were busy being silly.
And there she hangs...waiting for us to get back from the salon.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Recap: Part 2

We were running a little late getting to the chapel for the rehearsal, but it was all a-ok.  Father Mac ran our rehearsal quite efficiently and we were in and out in 45 minutes.  Actually going through the motions and hearing the music really got my heart racing.  The entire night people kept asking me if I was nervous.  It wasn't a matter of nerves so much as excitement.  The day that we had spent so much time planning was finally within our reach and I just wanted to go go go.

It was so surreal walking down the aisle with my father and practicing when to sit and when to stand and when to change hard to believe that we were getting married the next day.

Because Father Mac ran our rehearsal like a well oiled machine, we were finished with enough time to go back to the Olson's suite for some cocktails before dinner.  Leave it to the Olsons to pack up an entire bar and bring it to the hotel, complete with appetizers and decorations.  We were ready to sit down for dinner but still had no clue where we were going.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Recap: Part 1

Well, last you all heard I had a nasty little bite under my left eye thanks to my parents' dog.  It was the Wednesday before our wedding that I got my stitches out and the go-ahead to put makeup on the wound and man was I super excited by how beautiful the stitching was.  I cannot thank Dr. Harris Sterman enough for the amazing job he did.  Here we are 3 months later and you can barely tell that I have a scar across my cheek (also, big props to Maderma).

Thursday morning Bob and I woke up bright and early to finish packing for our honeymoon, load the car, and pick up my dress!  We were both very excited for the big day to be so close but I feel like those two days went by so fast.  As of 11am Thursday morning it was scheduled to rain all day on my wedding day....big time womp womp when we had planned to take our formal pictures in the rose garden near school.  But have no fear, mama O packed her Mary statue because all you have to do is put Mary in the window and she'll keep that nasty storm away....find out if it worked, next time :)

We got to Allentown, PA a little after 1pm and dropped off all of our decorations for the reception to Jeff, our coordinator at Brew Works.  It was so crazy to think that we were only 24 hours away from officially being a Mr. and Mrs.  We looped back around to the hotel and checked in.  For the night before the wedding, Bob would be staying in the room with his two sisters and I would be staying in our suite with my sister.  We unpacked our stuff and headed back to Brew Works to pick up some lunch with some of Bob's college friends who had just landed in PA.  They were all pleasantly surprised by how delicious Brew Works' menu was and that just made them even more excited for our reception.

After quickly changing for the rehearsal dinner, we headed to the chapel to practice for the real deal.