Wednesday, August 17, 2011

well kiddos

We're at the end of the just 48 hours I will officially be Mrs. Melanie Olson. Then we're off to Aruba for our honeymoon.  But don't go through withdrawal....there will be lots of picture posting once wedding chaos has come to an end and recaps galore.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

To fan or not to fan...that is the question

As beautiful and wonderful as the chapel is at Muhlenberg....there's a minor AC.  The chapel is all dark stone and stays relatively cool but can heat up if it's a particularly warm day and the chapel is packed.  This presented a bit of a predicament for us.   So we put on our thinking caps and I scoured the internet and decided to make fan programs.  These are super common for outdoor weddings so why not benefit from them indoors?

Well....the next question becomes what type of fan....did you even know there were different kinds of fans?  We thought, why not check out oriental trading

These seemed nice enough but when I read the reviews I learned that they're not all the same size.  I thought that would be tacky so we threw that idea out the window.

Then we considered these types of fans in purple.
But, again, terrible reviews about how in a box of 12, only 1 would be usable....bleck!
We took a run at to see if they had anything workable.  And HUZZAH! They did!  These Wilton fans were DIY and printable so we could print our programs right on them...but, alas, they were out of stock and amazon didn't have an estimate of when they'd be back....With just over two weeks left, we weren't willing to take the risk.  So it's back to scouring the net for something DIY.
And that's when I came across these DIY programs found here: Aylee Bits

They're big enough to hold all of our program information (something that we wouldn't have been able to do on the paddle fans) and relatively easy to assemble.  We used my Staples gift card that I got from working the summer program last year to purchase the ivory cardstock and our Amazon Prime account got us the Crop-A-Dile all purpose eyelet setter and stamper for nearly half the price they charge at the craft stores (and free 2 day shipping) and I found purple grommets!  I just need the ok from the dude on the design and from our priest that my information is all accurate and these should be done by the end of the week.  I'm not looking forward to having to cut them all out but I think with a little help from friends, these can be beautiful and functional!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

every bride's nightmare

Tonight I experienced a major trauma.  Here we are, 16 days from the wedding, and I'm having my usual Wednesday night dinner at my parents and decided to lean over and pet the dog under the table.  Well....he didn't like something I did or how I leaned down and bit me across my face.  After 30 minutes of screaming and crying hysterically and asking God "why me?!? why now?!?" I was finally calm enough to go to the emergency room.

Thankfully Mama O is a nurse at the hospital and put in a couple of calls so they knew we were coming and had already paged the #1 plastic surgeon.  Unfortunately, he was not the surgeon on call for the evening and had a family event to tend to.  After finding out they were already paging other doctors, we asked if he'd be willing to come in after the party and he agreed.  So I was admitted at 6pm and finally saw the surgeon at 11pm.  The PA did some initial tests to make sure my vision wasn't messed up.  She poured this stuff in and used a blacklite that made my eyeball light up like a highlighter....all while getting pumped with antibiotics through an IV.

I apparently got around 4 internal stitches and 6 external stitches in the area just under my eye and the top of my cheek.  I'm very emotional right now because our big day is so close and I want to know what I did to deserve this.  If you're lucky, I'll have Bob post the picture we sent his mom right after it happened.

Harlan Coben is STILL our hero....

Even if he won't be at our wedding.

Today we got his response and while I was a little disappointed that he won't be there, he sent back a lovely response and it's completely understandable given his new book releases 2 weeks later.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Holy crap only 18 days left

As our big day is fast approaching, I know I'm not going to get the chance to blog a lot but I promise to do TONS of recaps when we get back from the honeymoon so you can all see the finished product.