Friday, July 29, 2011

A toast!

Tuesday night we had dinner with John Holl ( and his wife April at their home in Jersey City.  It was great to get to have a real conversation with John without having a bajillion beer people around.  He broke out some really great beers for us to try including some from Chile (one of which I totally loved).  For our special dinner I whipped up a batch of limoncello cupcakes and they were the perfect dessert.

John gave us a goodie bag of beers to bring home with us and our beverage for toasting at the wedding.
A 2011 bottle of Infinium...yes, you read that correctly...the bottle that hasn't been released just yet.  Bob and I were saving a bottle of 2010 down in the basement for toasting at our wedding and when we mentioned that to John at the Epic takeover at Barcade a couple of weeks ago, he shared with us that he had a special present for the occasion.  Thanks John!

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