Tuesday, June 14, 2011

You've got mail!

My mother and I spent 3 hours a week ago putting together all of the invitations.  Bobby and I were fortunate enough to have a connection with the printing equipment so we gave them the designs and specifics(wording/colors/etc) and they turned out a fantastic product.  For a while we were mulling around the idea to put them in a pocket folio but I really think it just brings the whole thing together so I ordered those and bronze metallic cardstock from mygatsby.com.   When the cardstock came in, we had our connection cut it down to size and I put my mother to work.

 All of the stuff that needed to get put together.
 The invitations without the actual invite put in yet (we were waiting on the bronze paper to get cut).
 The three inserts in the pocket.
 Our accommodations card
 Our RSVP card that we then stamped with how many seats were reserved to try to prevent any drama.
 Our reception card
The finished product

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