Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Wedding Stress Meltdown

Yesterday I had a meltdown.  I know that we still have plenty of time but I had a freakout that we wouldn't be able to get everything done before the wedding.

I started the day off strong.  After my failed attempt to make a stamp out of foam to use on our OOT bags last week, I was determined to make it happen during my time off this week and I did!
I watched a youtube tutorial for how to make stamps out of foam but the issue was that I was trying to make too small of an image....so I decided to focus on just the hops in our little logo and blew them up.  Then I printed them on regular paper and glued the image to a piece of white craft foam.  Using an exacto knife and really great scissors I was able to cut out all of the white parts of the image, leaving just the black outlines. Then I glued my finished cones and leaf together onto another piece of foam so I have a stamp with a back!  It was a very exciting time.

After that small victory, I headed to Heights to pick up our wedding band appraisal, mail off some of Bob's shirts from Bolero Snort, and stopped at Staples to pick up white circular stickers to use for a project for our OOT bags.....and this is where the frustration picked up.

I spent about 2 hours trying to print our logo on these damn stickers and ended up getting so mad that I gave up....and then had a freakout...ate some Ben & Jerry's ice cream...got mad at myself for eating ice cream....and wound up in bed having a meltdown when Bob came home from work.

Phew...deep breaths.....almost there

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  1. Breath! I'm enjoying your blog alot. Because it's exact where I was last year at this time. AND I miss it!

    I have a circle label suggestion for you. Circle labels are crap. It's really hard to have them line up. I nixed my circle idea all together and went square labels cutting out my frustration.

    BUT I later figured out a better way. Just buy regular square or rectangle stickers, I actually think they have 8.5 x 11 full page sticker paper (not sure the price), and then purchase a circle punch from Michael's or AC Moore (bring a coupon because they are like between 12-20) but it's probably the greatest craft item ever! They sell them in different diameters. But in the end you can make your own circles.

    Again not sure what you're putting the stickers on but the circles come out great as tags. So print whatever our on cardstock, cut circle, punch hole, and ribbon them up.

    Enjoy these last couple weeks!