Saturday, June 18, 2011

Oooo Shiny

We've been busy little bees getting our table numbers done.  I spent an afternoon spray painting all of the frames that I got at Michaels for a buck a piece and then headed down into the cool basement to cut the caddies and put them all together.
 The copper frames drying outside.  It's a good thing we didn't put the umbrella in until recently otherwise there wouldn't have been anywhere to put all of these.

 I also picked these letters up at the craft store and spray painted them copper as well.  I might put bottle caps on them to really tie it together.
 Our pile of caddies.  We happen to be pretty close with the local liquor store so we can swipe caddies whenever we need them without a problem.....though I'm still hunting down a Victory "Summer Love" caddy.  If you have one that you're willing to part with, send it my way.
The caddies all cut out.  We needed to make sure they were the right size and the logos were visible so you know exactly what table matches your bottle cap escort card.

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