Friday, June 10, 2011

Going to the chapel and we're gonna get maaaarrrieeedd

Back in April we took the parents out to Muhlenberg and Brew Works for our tasting and man oh man is our food going to be delicious!

We also had the opportunity to pop into the chapel to take some pictures and so everyone could see what it looked like inside, since I was the only one who had previously done that.
 It's a mighty long aisle at the chapel that I will have to walk down...
 The front altar.....hey, I've performed rituals here ;)
 a glimpse from further back (with no lights on the pews)'s a good thing I remember where the fuse box was
 Can you spot the quatrefoil in the background?
 The beautiful organ
View from behind the altar

It was great to get an idea of the length and where things will be/where we will sit during the ceremony.  So crayz to think that this is finally happening.

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