Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Wedding Stress Meltdown

Yesterday I had a meltdown.  I know that we still have plenty of time but I had a freakout that we wouldn't be able to get everything done before the wedding.

I started the day off strong.  After my failed attempt to make a stamp out of foam to use on our OOT bags last week, I was determined to make it happen during my time off this week and I did!
I watched a youtube tutorial for how to make stamps out of foam but the issue was that I was trying to make too small of an image....so I decided to focus on just the hops in our little logo and blew them up.  Then I printed them on regular paper and glued the image to a piece of white craft foam.  Using an exacto knife and really great scissors I was able to cut out all of the white parts of the image, leaving just the black outlines. Then I glued my finished cones and leaf together onto another piece of foam so I have a stamp with a back!  It was a very exciting time.

After that small victory, I headed to Heights to pick up our wedding band appraisal, mail off some of Bob's shirts from Bolero Snort, and stopped at Staples to pick up white circular stickers to use for a project for our OOT bags.....and this is where the frustration picked up.

I spent about 2 hours trying to print our logo on these damn stickers and ended up getting so mad that I gave up....and then had a freakout...ate some Ben & Jerry's ice cream...got mad at myself for eating ice cream....and wound up in bed having a meltdown when Bob came home from work.

Phew...deep breaths.....almost there

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Licensed to Wed!

It's official!  As of Monday June 27th, we can get married (yea it's post dated)!

Yesterday was a whirlwind day.  We got up at 6:30am to head out to PA to be at the Lehigh County Court House around 8am when they opened.  Well I was having a little difficulty getting started in the morning and forgot all of these things until the last minute (printing out the table layout for the florist, getting out my Social Security Card and Passport, filling up on gas).....anyhoo, we got to the courthouse a little after 8am and there was already a couple meeting with the marriage license person so we had to wait anyway.

Around 9am we were back on the road to head out to Wind Gap to meet with the DJ.  After heading down some kinda creepy roads, we found his place and he was definitely the right choice.  We're super excited to work with him and for a couple of surprises for our guests that you'll have to wait to see.

After a long and productive meeting with the DJ, we were back to Atown for a quick stop with the Limo company to give a deposit and sign our contract.  The limo company is in an office in the Masonic Temple of Allentown.  If you've never been in a Masonic Temple....they're a little scary and reminded me of Peggy Sue Got Married....HUGE building

Then it was a quick run to Egner Chapel to meet with the organist and go over church music.  I must say, he was excited on our recessional selection and you all better sing!  We will print all music in the program so that everyone can sing along but we're really counting on the whole place to sing as we leave the chapel.

By this point our bellies were super grumbly because it was already a little after 1 and we had about 50 minutes to spare before our meeting with the florist so we headed over to Brew Works to drop off another check and grab some grub....nothing like a pulled pork sandwich to get your through a hectic day.

Finally our day came to an end when after a stop at the florist to check out a mockup centerpiece and man am I glad we did that.  The florist thought we were using small round tables versus 72 inch rounds and so our centerpieces were a little smaller than we anticipated so it was good to give her the diagram and explain the issues with size.  Thankfully we had gone over expenses before heading out so we were able to maneuver some things with the florist and still fall in our budget.

Phew!  55 days and counting!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Oooo Shiny

We've been busy little bees getting our table numbers done.  I spent an afternoon spray painting all of the frames that I got at Michaels for a buck a piece and then headed down into the cool basement to cut the caddies and put them all together.
 The copper frames drying outside.  It's a good thing we didn't put the umbrella in until recently otherwise there wouldn't have been anywhere to put all of these.

 I also picked these letters up at the craft store and spray painted them copper as well.  I might put bottle caps on them to really tie it together.
 Our pile of caddies.  We happen to be pretty close with the local liquor store so we can swipe caddies whenever we need them without a problem.....though I'm still hunting down a Victory "Summer Love" caddy.  If you have one that you're willing to part with, send it my way.
The caddies all cut out.  We needed to make sure they were the right size and the logos were visible so you know exactly what table matches your bottle cap escort card.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

You've got mail!

My mother and I spent 3 hours a week ago putting together all of the invitations.  Bobby and I were fortunate enough to have a connection with the printing equipment so we gave them the designs and specifics(wording/colors/etc) and they turned out a fantastic product.  For a while we were mulling around the idea to put them in a pocket folio but I really think it just brings the whole thing together so I ordered those and bronze metallic cardstock from mygatsby.com.   When the cardstock came in, we had our connection cut it down to size and I put my mother to work.

 All of the stuff that needed to get put together.
 The invitations without the actual invite put in yet (we were waiting on the bronze paper to get cut).
 The three inserts in the pocket.
 Our accommodations card
 Our RSVP card that we then stamped with how many seats were reserved to try to prevent any drama.
 Our reception card
The finished product

Friday, June 10, 2011

Going to the chapel and we're gonna get maaaarrrieeedd

Back in April we took the parents out to Muhlenberg and Brew Works for our tasting and man oh man is our food going to be delicious!

We also had the opportunity to pop into the chapel to take some pictures and so everyone could see what it looked like inside, since I was the only one who had previously done that.
 It's a mighty long aisle at the chapel that I will have to walk down...
 The front altar.....hey, I've performed rituals here ;)
 a glimpse from further back (with no lights on the pews)...it's a good thing I remember where the fuse box was
 Can you spot the quatrefoil in the background?
 The beautiful organ
View from behind the altar

It was great to get an idea of the length and where things will be/where we will sit during the ceremony.  So crayz to think that this is finally happening.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Just a quick update on the Honey Hibiscus Wit tester batch for the wedding...

The beer is fermenting along nicely and brew day went well. Mel and I tried a sip of the beer yesterday and it has some great fruity sweetness to it and an awesome color. I am torn right now between adding some additional hibiscus in the dry hoping phase to really deepen the color or just leave it be since it tastes so good right now...time will tell...

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


The invites are here!  Stay tuned for assembly line pictures.......