Saturday, April 2, 2011

I got $99 and this dress is one!

So today we went to pick out the bridesmaids dresses.  First we went to a store in Saddle Brook that was more of a boutique but they carried the Alfred Angelo dresses that I liked.  Now, initially I had pictured the girls in a more flowy short dress possibly chiffon but after ordering my gown, I had a different vision.  I wanted to see the girls in a more form fitting satin dress and that's precisely what they got.

It was funny because I had all three of them try on the dress to make sure that it was flattering on each...and it was...and it had to have a church appropriate neckline...which it does...and it was the fabric/look I was going for....but the color didn't seem right.  I had the woman hunting down the store for the perfect shade of purple and they came up short.  Then Lizzie tried on the dress in a marine blue and the lapis color looked more purple next to it.  So Lizzie suggested we ask to see the dress in natural light so we set off the detector at the door and headed outside and it was the purple that I wanted!  The horrible lighting of the dressing room and super dark carpet made it look more midnight blue than purple but it was the perfect color when brought outside :)  And the plus was that it was only $99!!! huzzah!

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