Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Table numbers and escort cards

Last week was my Spring Break and Bobby and I went down to Sarasota for a much needed vacation.  This year I was fortunate enough to also have the day after Easter was an added bonus.  Claiming I was a busy bee for the day would be an understatement.  I started the morning off with a trip to the gym, followed by a buttload of errands.....but the most important thing that I did was make a mock-up of our table numbers and escort cards.  Let me know what ya think!

Don't mind the wet glue....once it dried, it turned clear.  I went to Michaels and they had these frames for only $1.  I picked up some copper spray paint and went to town.  Each table will have a different brewery name and the escort card will have a matching bottle cap like so:

Ignore the ghetto-fabulousness of this one.  I just wanted to get an idea of what they would look like and make sure that the cap wouldn't be too heavy.

Monday, April 25, 2011

The invitations saga

Last week we decided to order our invitations.  We received samples of the invitations and the paper and the folio but couldn't justify the money.  Invitations are freaking expensive and that's not even including the postage!

This is the suite that we were looking into:
But not in those colors....obviously.   The only thing is that I would prefer for our folio to open the other way.  So now we're trying to figure out how to make this work.  The other big issue is that going from a regular invitation/response card to a whole suite is an additional $400.....

So today I am meeting with the printers in Bobby's building.  They're going to print our invitations in thermography in the colors that we want for a very very reasonable price and we're going to order the folios that we want and just assemble them ourselves.  Easy peesy....well, we'll see after my meeting with them this afternoon.

Monday, April 4, 2011

you are not superwoman

I decided that I don't want to deal with the stress of doing our own flowers so I broke down and set up a consultation with a florist in A-town for my spring break in 2 weeks.  The funny thing consultation is at 1....I have to be at the airport in Newark by 3:30 for our flight to Sarasota...can I make it?

I really like purple ranunculus and lisianthus so we'll see what we can have done with both :) but these are my inspiration.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

I got $99 and this dress is one!

So today we went to pick out the bridesmaids dresses.  First we went to a store in Saddle Brook that was more of a boutique but they carried the Alfred Angelo dresses that I liked.  Now, initially I had pictured the girls in a more flowy short dress possibly chiffon but after ordering my gown, I had a different vision.  I wanted to see the girls in a more form fitting satin dress and that's precisely what they got.

It was funny because I had all three of them try on the dress to make sure that it was flattering on each...and it was...and it had to have a church appropriate neckline...which it does...and it was the fabric/look I was going for....but the color didn't seem right.  I had the woman hunting down the store for the perfect shade of purple and they came up short.  Then Lizzie tried on the dress in a marine blue and the lapis color looked more purple next to it.  So Lizzie suggested we ask to see the dress in natural light so we set off the detector at the door and headed outside and it was the purple that I wanted!  The horrible lighting of the dressing room and super dark carpet made it look more midnight blue than purple but it was the perfect color when brought outside :)  And the plus was that it was only $99!!! huzzah!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Bouquets on a Budget

So someone had suggested I recap/show pictures from my sister's wedding with the bouquets and boutonnieres that we had done so here's a little photo collage:
First, Heather convinced her bridesmaids to spend the Thursday before her wedding creating a sweatshop in our parents' basement

She purchased roses of varying colors, baby's breath, some filler, and these berry things (sorry, I can't remember their name) from a wholesaler online.  They were shipped to the house Thursday morning in a million boxes and my dad filled wheel barrows up with water and put them in to stay fresh until we were ready to work.

She also purchased enough mason jars for each table, green ribbon, floral tape, and pins to keep everything together.

For the centerpieces, we started by putting some rocks in the bottom of the mason jar (the pretty kind from a craft store) and filled the jar halfway with hose water.  Then we worked our way from the inside out.  We gave each jar a certain number of roses (12-15 if my memory serves me right) and then filled the outside with berries and the leaf fillers.  We completed the look by wrapping the green ribbon around the mason jar.

For the bouquets, Romina and I were in charge.  We started by cutting the stems down to a manageable size and removing all thorns.  We knew the bridesmaids bouquets would have red, yellow, and orange roses and wanted to display them in the center with the leaves on the outside.  We started with a tight cluster of the roses (3 of each color) and wrapped the outside with a wire to keep them in place.  Then we wrapped on top of the wire and floral tape with the pretty green ribbon and secured them with the white topped pins.

For the boutonnieres, we cut the rose down to about 2 inches before the flower, wrapped two leaves and some baby's breath around the outside, and shoved a pin in (it was much more elegant than that but it's tough for me to remember something from 3 years ago....where a lot of wine was involved).

And voila!  We also made a tossing bouquet for later and Heather dried her roses and has them in a mason jar at her house.

I know this wasn't super duper helpful because I didn't really give step by step instructions but wanted to give a general gist of how you can make really pretty bouquets on a budget by yourself.  The whole thing (20 centerpieces, 7 bouquets, 2 corsages, and 7 boutonnieres) took about 4 hours to do with 4 people working and a couple of bottles of wine to get us through the night.