Saturday, January 22, 2011

You've Got Mail!

The past month has proved to be a very hectic one.  While the new year is very exciting and means plenty of new things in my life, it also brought a new schedule at the high school where I work.  The other Special Ed Math teacher went on maternity leave the week before Christmas break and the school was unable to find a suitable they completely rearranged my schedule making me the ONLY special ed math teacher for the remainder of the year.  I went from teaching 2 resource math classes, 2 SAT prep classes, and 2 in class support classes to teaching 5 resource math classes (math concepts 1, algebra 1 x 2, geometry, algebra 2) and 1 in class support class....OOF!  Needless to say, I've been super busy prepping for those classes and getting 80 pages of the 232 page yearbook submitted.

Fortunately, the school gave us a bit of a break with 2 closings due to snow and 3 delayed starts over the past 2 weeks.  This happened to coincide nicely with the arrival of our Save The Dates.  Bobby and I had ordered our STDs at the beginning of the month and decided we would DIY the envelopes.

We ordered 200 kraft paper envelopes at an amazingly awesome $32 and on my first snow day took a trip to Michaels to purchase paper to use for the liner, stamps, and ink pads.  We found a stamp that slightly resembled hops on a branch and decided to do that in copper (one of our wedding colors).  We put a little "Save the Date" stamp  (in purple) on the bottom so people know damn well what's inside and  finished off the color scheme with a cute little heart on the flap in green.

We're very fortunate to have friends with many talents and a dear friend of ours helped us with the domain and linked it to our knot page which has all information regarding our wedding (including hotel booking info).  He also made it so that if you go to it brings you right here :)

Oh, and, in case you aren't quite sure what those cute circles are......THEY'RE COASTERS!!! We thought we'd keep with the beer theme and what better way to do it than with a coaster?!?

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