Saturday, September 25, 2010

Am I doing this all wrong?

Lately I've had a couple of minor freak outs in relation to our wedding (and, Bobby, it is in no way related to our relationship!).  It's just that I constantly have this feeling that I'm doing something wrong or not following the right path or doing what I'm supposed to be doing.

One of my coworkers got engaged the night before the first day of school.  She and I have had several discussions about her wedding hopes prior to the end of the last school year (we shared the same off block) and so when she started pumping me for information.  Well, here we are three weeks later and the essentials are booked for her and now we're discussing dresses.  She's getting married two weeks before us and already has an eye on a dress.  I planned on waiting til January to start dress shopping (mainly because I don't want to go in feeling super fat because I don't fit into a sample size dress) but now I'm feeling like I've got it all wrong and should be on the prowl right now.

The other thing that has had me freaking out is saving for the wedding.  When we first got engaged, I jumped right into the wedding blogs and forums searching for money saving tips.  We used The Knot's budget calculator to get a better idea of what type of savings we're going to have to stash away and I felt like the number was feasible, but now I feel like there's no way I'm going to be able to put enough away to take care of our expenses.  My sister continues to reassure me that I'm just crazy and am in a much better financial situation at this time than she was a year out from her wedding but part of me can't help but think that I'm going to fall short.

After putting more thought into it, I decided I'll probably start looking for "the one" (well, the second "the one" because I've already found my man) when I'm off for teacher's convention in that gives me a little over a month to shed another 15 lbs...can she do it?

we'll see......

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  1. Calm down :)
    My advice...there is no rules to getting married and as long as your #1 pick is perfect, everything else can be done without a problem.

    Also...from what I've seen the wedding industry is hurting. SOOOO....if you find a dress in Jan/Feb...NO ONE is turning away business. I'm sure they will get it for you.

    Just enjoy the planning on your time line :)

    However at the same time..I ordered my dress in December for August. But G's friend is getting married this weekend, they got engaged in May (i think) and she pulled everything together in under 6 monthes.

    Enjoy the planning....and the husband to be!