Wednesday, August 4, 2010

yay new hobbies

So teaching ESY means getting home by 12:30 every day.  ESY is over after this week which means I'll have a couple of weeks before the school year starts up again so plenty of time off.  Don't get me wrong, I love time off but I also know that time off means lazy time means binge eating means mad Melanie so I've decided to keep myself busy with some other stuff.  Bobby and I started doing puzzles at night instead of the usual "what do you want to do tonight?"  Friday night we headed to Toys R Us and bought Blokus Duo (If you've never played, you really need to because it's a good strategy game but not super intense) and a 1,000 piece puzzle.  We spent a good amount of time Friday night working on the puzzle and left it on the coffee table to complete over the weekend.

It was a pretty intense puzzle because there were so many of virtually the same piece going in lots of different places.  You can't tell, but we're missing 3 pieces.  Why, you may ask?

Bailey decided to eat a couple of them :( womp womp.  I've also been spending my time trying to figure out the millions of different DIY projects that I see on the wedding blogs.  I learned how to make fabric garland but decided to turn them into headbands/pins instead.

And then there's my other downfall of being shopping.  In my defense, I bought this dress from JCrew for only $54 down from $110...How could I pass that up?  Plus it's my favorite color.  After seeing it in person, it's making me love this color even more and consider JCrew for our bridesmaids dresses.

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