Sunday, August 1, 2010

Saturdays are drinking days

Yesterday Bobby and I decided to put our new key to the city to use (for those of you who don't know about the Key to the City project, you should check it out....and read LA's blog about finding love through the project ---> ).  We decided to spend the day in Brooklyn so we checked out two key sites and then headed over to the Brooklyn Brewery and met up with some other beer nerds :P

The first key site is down a little alley next to Cabinet Magazine.  The key unlocks this little box attached to the side of the building.  Having read the comments other key holders have left about this site, I prepared for the worst (it not working).  Inside the box are two simple words "Look Up".  Unfortunately, the bubble blower couldn't seem to catch the wind.  Bobby and I stood there for a good 5 minutes, cheering on the little bubbles to make their way into the air of the alley but none seemed to make it.  We climbed back into the car and headed to the second key site of the day, the Brooklyn Museum.

The Brooklyn Museum has a suggested $10 donation but Bobby lucked out with his student id...hazzah!  We wandered through the Warhol exhibit first before making our way up to the fifth floor where the mystery lock was waiting.  When we got out of the elevator we realized we weren't the only people with a key so we took a loop of the floor and headed into the storage area that smells like the cleanest room I've ever been in.  Once we finished perusing the old exhibits that were now housed in storage, we headed back to the mystery door to unlock our secret.

After checking out some other exhibits in the museum, we headed to Brooklyn Brewery for a tour and to meet up with Stevie and Lee.  The original game plan was for Erin and Bradford to meet up with us as well but our paths kept crossing without bumping into each other.  About 20 minutes after we left the museum, I found out that's where Erin and Bradford were. Womp womp.

We got to the brewery around 1:15 and decided to grab a bite to eat before drinking at a little restaurant around the corner.  The thing that sucks about where Brooklyn Brewery is located is...hipster city and as a result you spend $12 on a grilled cheese sandwich that doesn't come with french fries or chips....womp womp.  We entered the brewery for a tour and this is what we were greeted with:

I was immediately turned off.  How disappointing?!  I had no clue that the brewery would be equivalent to the beer garden.  There were people playing drinking games and stacking up their empty cups like some sort of monument to their frat days.  It was just really disappointing having been to tours with people who weren't there just to get shwasted.  Bobby and I bought our beer tokens (also a new concept...every other brewery we've visited gave free tastings....but then again, we were paying for an entire cup vs. a 3 oz pour) and waited for the next tour to start.  When the tour began we knew we were among a handful of people who actually gave a shit and a majority who wanted to go back to the tasting room to cash in their other 5 chips.

After several drinks at the brewery with Stevie and Lee, we got a quick tour of their neighborhood.  They introduced us to d.b.a. - Brooklyn.  If you're ever in the Williamsburg area you should totally check this place out.  Before we knew it it was 7:30pm and we were starving.  We decided to head back to Stevie and Lee's for some more good beer and yummy topping pizza.  By the time we left Brooklyn it was 11pm, about twelve hours after we first began our adventure.  Needless to say, Bobby and I have spent pretty much the entire day on the couch watching train wreck tv and completing our puzzle.  Keep your eyes peeled for a post about our newest hobby.

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