Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My life is officially OVER

Ok not really...I'm just being dramatic but still!  You may expect this to be the wonderful update of our recent road trip where I fill you in on our trip to America's only tea plantation or getting smashed at the Firefly distillery (ok I didn't get smashed but I did take home a bottle of lemonade vodka) or the buttload of traffic that we sat in thanks to a tractor trailer accident......sorry to disappoint, none of the above will be elaborated on.

Instead, I fill you in on my new allergy.  On Saturday, August 21, Bobby and I headed from Charleston to Asheville to take a tour of the Biltmore Estate and check out Wedge Brewery.  Finding Wedge was worse than searching for a needle in a hay stack and after several turn arounds we found the dirt road leading up to the back of a building where Wedge is located (in their defense, I would get lost trying to find NJBeerCo if I didn't already know where it was).  And of course as we're driving through the mud, it starts raining even harder.
Anyhoo, we made it in to Wedge and had a beer each.  I decided on the Belgian Witbier and made it about two sips before I was in complete pain and could no longer swallow...well friends, it seems I am allergic to something in Belgian beers.  Bobby finished his beer and we left immediately.  Although I felt bad for leaving almost a full beer at the bar, I knew this was a bad reaction.

Turns out, after consulting our family nurse (Mama Olson), I have been making my reactions worse and worse by drinking through them.  About 3 years ago, I started to notice that some beers would have this affect on me.  My throat would swell and hurt and sometimes it was hard to breathe and I would have this strange anxiety kick in.  Well, because I have spent three years ignoring the reactions, I have made them worse and worse.  This last reaction took over an hour to go away so I am taking a hiatus from Belgian style ales until we can determine what exactly I am allergic to in them.

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