Monday, July 12, 2010

Slacker McSlackyson

So I realized that I never actually write about all of the super fun beer related things that we do.  What's living hoppily ever after without the hops?!?!

A couple of months ago Bobby convinced me to check out the Copper Mine Pub in North Arlington for a beer release party.  Having never been to a beer release party, I was pretty excited to check it out.  It was the launch for NJ Beer Co and they had a very tasty Pale Ale in a cask!  Oooo a cask!  While we were there, Bobby met the owners and chatted them up about how they got started (running/owning a brewery is his life goal).  From this, he developed a friendship with the guys and spent a couple of Fridays helping them out at the brewery.

Well, they recently got their bottling machine and decided to have a bunch of people over to the brewery for some free labor with the promise of all the beer you could drink...why not?  We met some great people from the metro area who are just as into beer as we are and were put to work.

Bobby and I ended up spending the entire day there and went home dirty and exhausted.  We assembled 150 boxes and 600 six pack holders, cleaned kegs and refilled them with yummy stout, and played a couple of rounds of beer pong.  Overall, I'd say it was a pretty great time and we're looking forward to other fun stuff at the brewery.

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