Tuesday, July 27, 2010

First Annual Grown Up Brunch

Sunday we had our first ever grown up brunch and everything was fantastic.  Unfortunately, I only took pictures at the very beginning....and by "I" I mean my friend Marissa because I was busy making a bajillion pancakes. So without further ado.....

I'd say it was quite the success though it was incredibly hot out...I'm thinking next time we'll have a brunch in May/September when it isn't balls hot out.  We managed to get everything inside before the rain hit later on in the day and everyone made their way down to the basement bar to hang out for a bit more.  I made 2 different breakfast stratas which I had 1) never eaten before and 2) never made.  They were both delicious but the Italian Sausage and Bell Pepper one was my favorite.  Thanks to all who came out and those who brought stuff.  Our next big party is our Halloween party October 22nd so mark your calendars!  I spent a while scouring the internet yesterday for half price decorations and was pretty successful....get excited!

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