Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Ahhh the beauty of homeownership

While, yes, Bobby and I are technically living in sin.....moving in together was one of the best ideas we've had.  Almost a year ago, Bobby bought the house we currently live in and after spending every night of the first two weeks here helping out (we had to tear down wallpaper and move in furniture and lots of other projects), we decided it made more sense for this to be my permanent address.  Sure we get into little tiffs about stupid house things (I'm notorious for leaving a glass of water on the coffee table and then going upstairs to bed and he has a bad habit of leaving dishes in the sink when the dishwasher is empty) but we dished out the duties to make living together work and it does :)

One of the things that I've come to learn is that it's extremely helpful to go through home crisis together.  Only a month after living together, we took a trip to Governors Island for my birthday.  Right before we hit the road, I went to the bathroom in the upstairs hallway....apparently the tank to the toilet had cracked and never refilled properly once I flushed.   Bobby and I got home several hours later and discovered a new waterfall in our living room.

Naturally this leak had to occur on the day of my birthday party....we had a lot of cleaning up to do before people came over....we've had several other problems turn up but another major one hit this morning.  During the school year Bobby has another hour after I leave the house before he has to be at work but because it's's the other way around.  He leaves for work at 8am and I start my trek at 9.  This morning I decided to make myself a cup of tea using the insta-hot (a knob on our sink that's attached to a water tank underneath that boils small amounts of water quickly).  Unfortunately the insta-hot hasn't been working properly so I gave up and popped the mug in the microwave while I sat in the living room eating a bowl of cereal and reading the paper.  When I went to put my dish in the dishwasher,I  was greeted by large puddles of water on the kitchen floor....i had 15 minutes until I needed to leave for school.  Thankfully Bobby was able to come up from work and help me clean/fix the insta-hot before I needed to leave but it seems that just when everything is working properly and it's smooth sailing, something else has to break and cause a headache.

Ah the beauty of homeownership.

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  1. Living in sin - HA you crack me up!!! I am most certain you are a great roomie who can quickly solve any problem thanks to tedious time spent as a rad RL!