Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Being all grown up means......

Throwing fabulous summer brunches in your backyard! Oh I am so excited for this. As I'm sure everyone in the blogosphere realizes, I heavily peruse the wedding blogs and am always inspired by the things that they do. Well my inspiration for our grown up summer brunch came from a shoot done on Green Wedding Shoes inspired by the movie "(500) Days of Summer." The thing that really pushed me over the edge to make it happen was receiving a beautiful platter and appetizer plates from my Aunt Betsy. It made me think, "Hmmm....time to get this grown up party started." So without further ado, my inspiration for brunch.

All photos courtesy of Green Wedding Shoes
I hope those attending are super excited because it is going to be pretty freaking awesome.


  1. Love it! I went to the site you referenced Green Wedding Shoes. OK! Chalkboards....are so not easy to find! Just something to keep in mind if you are working them in.
    So if you do see them on your travels let me know :) I got ones at Lakeshore, but I'm not really happy with them.

  2. Nicole did you check Etsy? I feel like you can get neat ones there...and I don't know what you plan on using them for but I've also seen ones that are shaped like thought bubbles that people use for photobooths on the different wedding blogs (purchased from Etsy)