Monday, May 17, 2010

Drum Roll Please.....

We have found our venue! Yesterday we took a trip out to Allentown, Pa to tour a place that I have come to love, Brew Works.

All throughout college we used to go to their restaurant in Bethlehem. It wasn't until after college that they opened one up in Allentown, a mere 5 minute drive from campus.....which brings me to the ceremony....dun dun dun dun -- Egner Memorial Chapel at Muhlenberg College.

Just a quick sample of how awesome brew works is as a venue....

So our cocktail hour would take place on the bottom floor in the Silk lounge and extend out to the Beer Garden, then guests will be escorted to the second floor for our reception :)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Getting the Fellas Involved (My DIY Groomsmen Invites)

So I’ve never been the competitive type…

Yea right! When Melanie first came up with the idea of a “beer themed” wedding she stumbled across a number of blogs, one of which highlighted how the groom-to-be asked his Best Man/Groomsman to be a part of the big day (Here).

I was pretty impressed but quickly decided I needed to one-up this guy on my own level is how I ask the guys to help us celebrate living hoppily ever after.

The other guy may have me beat with his brown paper packaging and fancy stuffing, but what good is a pint glass with nothing to drink out of it?!? As an avid home brewer I whipped up a batch of beer and made custom labels for each of the guys on my side of the wedding party.

In addition to the bottle of home brew I picked up pint glasses for the wedding venue that we just settled upon today. The boxes are all packed up and ready to go out tomorrow. I’ll keep the blogosphere posted with their answers but how could you say no to an invite like this?

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Engagement Pictures...or, how not to look awkward

Bobby and I have scheduled our engagement pictures for the end of this month. We're back and forth about whether to take the pictures down in Asbury Park or up in Fort Tryon (where he proposed). This past weekend we drove down to AP just to get an idea of the different places where we'd like to take pictures and that got me thinking about all of the different engagement pictures that I've seen and really here they are for your viewing pleasure.