Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Aruba, Jamaica, oooo I wanna take ya

The past couple of nights have left my mind whirling with ideas. As much as we absolutely LOVE reBar and the hospitality that they've shown's a logistical nightmare. People would be seated in all different rooms, it's in Brooklyn and our wedding would be at peak rush hour time in the city, and they don't have the kitchen to do a plated sit down dinner. Regardless of the fact that the food is amazing and the people are so wonderful, I'm having my doubts.

Monday was Bobby's birthday. We drove up to his parents for the traditional birthday dinner and Bobby shared a little quip about one of his clients that he had met with that day. This fellow is about 8 weeks from tying the Aruba. The whole shindig plus a 12 day honeymoon and a wedding planner is costing them about $13,000. $13000?!?!?! That's like....a third of our wedding budget. This got the wheels turning.

How realistic is it to have a destination wedding? So that got me thinking...this calls for a pro/con list.

Pros: Wedding on the beach, less expensive, intimate ceremony (the people we care about the most), complete package (flowers, cake, ceremony, reception, photographer, planner all included)

Cons: Not everyone can make it due to the added expense, legal red tape for marrying out of the country, planning a long distance wedding = little control

After surveying family members, it seems like they're all for it, but part of me is it fair to ask them to dish out the money to join us for a tropical wedding?

Bobby and I leave for Florida Friday evening and I'm hoping that this doesn't eat up my mind while we're relaxing on the beach for the week.


  1. destination wedding??? I am so crashing if I don't get an official invite... hehe!

  2. I say go for it! (especially since I got married in Jamaica). Will send Bob a link to a beautiful resort that only does 1 wedding a week (so you won't be running into any other brides)