Monday, March 8, 2010

"Hoppy in Love" -- What the heck does that mean?

It all began back when we first started dating. Somewhere in time the conversation of beer came up. I, for one, am a beer enthusiast and was very happy to discover that Bobby shared the same sentiment. Actually, scratch that, he more than shared my sentiment, he surpassed it. Whereas the common person with a love for beer goes out and savors each flavor, Bobby decided to begin brewing his own batch. One of our earlier dates consisted of bottling his first brew in the kitchen and me winning him over with my willingness to participate and super human strength when it comes to capping (I may have exhibited too much super human strength and broke the damn thing but that's a whole other story).

From early on, beer became a common theme in our relationship and so we decided to mix it in with our wedding...more about that later. In August, Bobby bought a house. Aside from it's beautiful exterior and crazy amounts of character, it had another main selling point....a bar. Over time, the dude decided to spiff up the bar. I can now proudly say that if you want it, we'll put it on tap for ya! That's right folks. We have a fully functioning bar complete with two different taps and none of this kegerator bullshit.

When Spring officially arrives, the dude intends on planting hops in our garden to make brewing more organic and to help quell the cost of it for our centerpieces/boutonnieres.

So where does hoppy in love come into play? Well, it's a play on words (if you can't see that already) about our love and beer.

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