Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Because it was gorgeous this weekend, we decided to finally sweep off the veranda off the spare bedroom and put some patio furniture up there...granted, we had to go and purchase the new patio furniture, but it was still a worthwhile investment. After a long day of cleaning up the garden and backyard (haha who am I kidding? We hired people to do it for us while we got other things done around the house) we decided to have a couple of cocktails up in the sunshine. I had spent some time up there reading the new issue of Real Simple Weddings and whenever something interesting came up I'd be sure to read it to Bobby.

I reached the page about setting the scene at your reception. The magazine talks about lighting, decor, escort cards, and favors. These are things we've put some thought into (ok, not all of them but we've put a lot of thought into the favors...the homebrew!) Bobby had an excellent suggestion. We could use the cardboard beer caddies we've been saving from our favorite microbrews to put the homebrews in on the tables. Well, I feel like some people might think they could take all 6 beers home which is simply unacceptable. This got the creative juices flowing. We discussed using the beer bottles AS escort cards but Bobby brought up the point that guests, if we use reBar, would be climbing the stairs carrying the bottles and worried about people dropping them. Ok, guess the bottles are back on the table...so what could we use as escort cards? And that's when it hit me...

We've been collecting beer bottle caps pretty much since we moved in. In our kitchen we have two beer glasses filled with metal caps and we have a cap cup underneath the wall mounted bottle opener in the basement bar. I decided to spread them out and take inventory.

Because we'd like to use the names of microbreweries as our table numbers, we could match their bottle caps for the escort cards. To incorporate the beer caddies, we could use the cardboard caddy faces as our table signs.


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  1. I would like to nominate myself to help pick up the slack if you need some more caps!! :)